What Is “Moksha” & How To Predict It?

The primary object of human life is said to be to “know themselves” and realize God and permanently get rid of the circle of life and death. Can it be predicted astrologically? Answer is yes. How? Astrology is known as the science of foretelling the happiness of important events in human life. It is based Read More

Love Marriage-Astrological Pre-diction

Can the science of astrology help in pre-dicting love marriage?             Answer in short is ‘yes’. For detailed answer, first it is essential to understand what ‘Love’ is.  ‘Love’ cannot be defined in words.  As you cannot encompass the vastness of sky and space, so you cannot precisely express in words as to what ‘Love’ Read More

Debilitated Planets In NAVAMSA-Effect

The plan of creation is exceedingly simple.  It can be easily understood and correctly verified from the placement of planets in a horoscope, their locations and boundaries.


Fights, quarrels, slips and accidents are part of modern life.  An Astrologer of vast experience is competent enough to predict the possibility of some bone fracture of a person whose horoscope is under his study. 

What Is The Astrological Significance Of Planet MERCURY ?

Mercury is the prince among the heavenly bodies.  It is one of the inner planets whose orbit is nearest to the Sun.  Its distance from the Sun is 3.5 crore miles.   Its diameter is 300 miles. Mercury is a eunuch planet.  Its nature is friendly.  Its temperament is volatile and versatile.  He is witty, fond Read More

What Is The Astrological Significance Of Planet JUPITER ?

Are You Looking For The Astrological Significance Of Planet JUPITER ? Jupiter is saintly and generous. Its temperament is mild, benign and soft hearted. It is a male planet. It is the preceptor of God. He is the essence of knowledge and wisdom. He represents places where learned men lives. It represents wealth, fame, sons, grandsons, Read More

Planets Conjunction With Moon-Its Effect

Moon being mind is the most guiding force in life.  Moon governs the left eye in the case of males.  Whereas it governs menstrual cycle, uterus, ovaries generation organs and right eye in case of females.  The waxing moon is considered benefic.  Whereas the waning moon is taken as malefic. Moon has greater role in Read More

What Is The Astrological Significance Of Rahu ?

Rahu is a female planet.  It is a cold, dry planet.  It is personified as a diplomat.  It is a shadowy planet.  Rahu is strong in the signs of Gemini, Virgo, Scorpio and Aquarius.   Sage Parashra say that Rahu functions well in the signs of Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio and Sagittarius.  Lion (King of the jungle) Read More

Asthma:- How Pre-dicted From A Horoscope?

Human life is mostly a struggle with the unforeseen.  It is full of pleasures and pains.  Many a times, pain is caused by a disease.  Science of medical astrology, if properly utilized, can show the best way to handle human life’s uncertainties. It has the capacity to pre-dict in advance as to when a particular disease Read More

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