What Are The Myths About Kaala Sarpa Yoga ?

Is Rahu a Sarpa? Many ancient sages are of the opinion that Rahu and Ketu both together make up the form of a serpent. Keeping Vashishtha and Veerabhadra in his mind, Varaha Mihira states: Planetary affliction Having obtained these basic hints, we can easily understand that a planet disburses undesired result when it is: Conjunct Read More

What Is Kaala- Sarpa Yoga: Myths , Reality, And Its Effects ?

The Kaala Sarpa yoga has now become too popular to be ignored by any practicing astrologer and, therefore, calls for some rational analysis. A large number of people, having learned of its existence in their charts, anticipate its existence in their charts, anticipate its negative effects, and are naturally scared of it. On the issue, Read More

What Is The Combination Of Vaastu & Astrology ?

How it affects to improve one’s life. In brief, astrology as we all know gives us an idea about what & how the coming period in life is going to be. This is also known as predictions. These predictions are purely formed on the basis of permutation & combination of the stars, as they are Read More

What Is The Combination of Astrology & Vastu / Fengshuie ?

In brief what is astrology & vaastu ? How does its combination improves one’s life/destiny. Astrology: Astrology is a science Vedas, are the heritage of India; Astrology ie Jyotish is a part of vedas. There are about 30 shaloks about astrology in the Rig-Veda, 44 in Yajur veda, & 162 in Atharra Veda. One sage Read More

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