Dasha Of The Lagna Important Tip For Amateur Astrologers

Lagna can be categorised in three Categories Chara Rashi (Movable sign) 1,4,7,10 Dwiswabhawa ( dual sign) 3,6,9,1 Sthura ( Fixed Sign) 2,5,8,11 If the lagna falls in Chara Rashi in sign 1,4,7,10 ie. Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn  ( MA, MO, VE, SA respectively) and Lagna lies in 1st drekkan ie. 1st 10 degrees, the results of the Read More

What Is Astromancy In Nuptial Ties

Nuptial ties means knots relating to marriage. Marriage is heart to heart link culminating into mutual trust and confidence, for the creation of Children’s and for leading a lively good life. A spouse is needed for deliberations and taking decisions in life and also for catering physical requirements of each other. Minor discords and a Read More

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