Debilitated Planets In NAVAMSA-Effect

The plan of creation is exceedingly simple.  It can be easily understood and correctly verified from the placement of planets in a horoscope, their locations and boundaries.

Experience has shown that debilitated planets in Navamsa found in a horoscope of a person never allow him to rise above a certain limit.  In such a case one is persuaded to believe that there is an unforeseen hand which does not allow a man to rise above a certain level.

Illustration would help to fully understand that how and why debilitated planets in Navamsa of a horoscope put hurdles and obstacles in the rising of a person beyond the naturally prescribed limit.

A student passed his B. Tech. (Mechanical) in India at the age of 22 years.  Then he got M.S. degree 2nd class in United States of America.  He wanted to do Ph.D.  But he could not do so.  Why?

His horoscope revealed that the debilitated Saturn in Navamsa, which is 9th Lord denied him entry with a Ph. D.programme.  Debilitated Saturn and Jupiter in Navamsa increased his sufferings in U.S.A.  His horoscope further showed that Saturn-Ketu Dasha at particular time also generated bad results.  The Com bust Venus in 5th Lord provided him some success in his life.


Aspect of 6th Lord on Jupiter is a grisly combination and is to be feared.  Moreover, when 6th Lord is in Lagna, one is bound to suffer at the unforeseen hands of destiny.  It gives rise to lot of litigation in life.

In another case, the student was born under Kal Sarp Yoga.  His date of birth being 25.9.1977 at 11.00 P.M. Delhi.  So, Kal Sarp Yoga is a very evil yoga.  Ketu being in his 10th house provided him a poor career.  Strong 9th Lord/9th House were required for him to acquire Ph. D. degree.  But it was not so in his horoscope.  Moreover, Sun-Rahu combination in his horoscope is totally damaging and is not good.  Sun in 4th house have lost much of his strength.  Had Jupiter been in the 10th house of Sun, it would have helped him to rise high in life.

The Saturn-Venus Dasha helped him to get married in year 2003.  Although the student was very intelligent and brilliant in his School and College days, but the debilitated planets in Navamsa of his horoscope failed him to fulfil his desire of doing Ph. D in U.S.A.

Note:-  An Astrologer always teach and help to live a lively life.

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