Love Marriage-Astrological Pre-diction

Can the science of astrology help in pre-dicting love marriage?

            Answer in short is ‘yes’.

For detailed answer, first it is essential to understand what ‘Love’ is.  ‘Love’ cannot be defined in words.  As you cannot encompass the vastness of sky and space, so you cannot precisely express in words as to what ‘Love’ is.

However, ‘Love’ is mostly felt to be a state of mind giving rise to feelings of affection and longing for the other person.  Whether such love, subsequently culminate or will not culminate in marriage, can well be ascertained in advance from some specific planetary combinations in horoscope of the native.

At the first instance, one should look the placements in the fifth and seventh houses.  Fifth house shows the mental inclination, desire and emotions; whereas the seventh house signifies union, marriage.

The 9th house is also required to be considered for the possibility of inter-caste, inter-religion or within the same caste marriage.

Thus, the 5th, 7th and 9th houses play dominant role in the matrimonial variables.  Along with these houses, the house of fulfillment of desire is 11th house, should also be studied.  In


Modern context, even the 2nd house i.e. that of family should also be viewed carefully.

While studying a horoscope, the role of Venus and Mars should be taken as determinative.  Venus signifies romance, love and liking for opposite sex, whereas Mars indicate boldness in spirit and courage.  The greater the influence of Mars, the more courageous and bold that person is.  Such a person would not hesitate in expressing his love and in taking risk for the opposite sex.  Here role of 3rd house also be taken into account.  The person having weak 3rd house cannot express his/her position boldly.  He will not be able to face his elders.  In this context Mars is often found to be softer than Venus and governs the state of mind, desires and emotions.  Then life of the native should be speculated by the position and strength of Moon and its associates or planets influencing her.

In case the ascendant or its Lord is under the influence of the planets which relate to love-affair or the love-marriage subject to the presence of other factors.

9th house rules over tradition, customs and religion.  And planet Jupiter is regarded as Karak for the affairs of custom etc.  So if the 9th house and Jupiter are afflicted particularly by Saturn, Rahu and Kethu and the Lord of 9th house also falls under the evil influences, then the possibility of marriage in other caste may be predicted.


In case, the affliction assumes greater proportion, the probability of marriage in other religious group may be foretold.

If Venus or Mars or both have any connection with the Lords of 5th or 7th or 9th house either by aspect or mutual exchange of houses: there will be love affair and in the absence of any malefic indication, the affairs turns into the marital status.

Affliction of 9th house, 9th Lord and Jupiter indicate inter caste marriage.

Where Venus and 7th Lord are aspected or conjoined by Saturn, one is likely to marry a girl whom he loves.

If the 7th Lord receives the aspect of Saturn or joins him, one is likely to marry an already known person.

Saturn’s aspect or conjunction with Venus results into intimacy with female.  But in the end it breaks down.

Conjunction or aspect of Saturn on the 7th house, its Lord, Venus, Sun, Moon and Lgna account for delay or denial of marriage.

When Saturn and Rahu, both of them, aspect or conjoin with Venus or/and 7th Lord, one will have many so called love affairs with opposite sex.  Generally such conjunction with Venus or the play of 12th house leads into carnal habits. 

In case Ketu becomes involved or joins the 7th house or Venus, there will be secret love affair.

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