What is the Significance of MARS’S Position in the Natal Chart?

How does The Planet MARS Influence Human Life? Mars is the battlefield and Commander-in-chief of the celestial army. Mars is considered to be a malefic planet. It is the fourth planet in order of distance from the Sun and the nearest outer planet to the earth. Its diameter is about 4200 miles. When it is Read More

What are Yogas in astrology? What is the importance of them?

Yogas in astrology, translated as ‘planetary combinations’, are specific planetary dispositions which are capable of yielding specific results. Countless yogas have been described in the astrological texts. They significantly alter the stature of natives, for better or worse, depending upon their inherent nature as well as upon a host of other factors that influence their Read More

What is the Significance of Sun’s Position in the Natal Chart?

Sun is the source of light and life. The very existence of life on this earth depends upon Sun. Its nature is royal and benevolent. Its temperament is fixed and steady. Its complexion is blood red and it rules orange, pink, and golden colors. It rules fire element, hot or pungent flavors. Sun is a Read More

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