What is the Significance of Sun’s Position in the Natal Chart?

Sun is the source of light and life. The very existence of life on this earth depends upon Sun. Its nature is royal and benevolent. Its temperament is fixed and steady. Its complexion is blood red and it rules orange, pink, and golden colors. It rules fire element, hot or pungent flavors. Sun is a male planet. It is hot, dry, and constructive. It gives a powerful speech. It makes a person courageous. It bestows administrative capabilities. The Sun represents the head, soul, ego, self, intelligence, will power, clarity, health, self-realization, digestive organ, etc. It represents the right eye for males and the left eye in the case of females.


How Planet Sun’s Position affects the different segment of human life?

The Sun stays in Rashi for only one month. It gives benefic results in 3rd, 6th, 10th, and 11th from the moon.When it is in Janam Rashi, the native may quarrel with his wife and may even suffer a heart attack. The Sun in the second house from the moon would make the native quarrelsome. He may pick up enmity with many. When in 4th house from the moon, the native would face obstacles, impediments in every walk of life. There will be no peace of mind. When in the fifth house from the moon, it would be the worst period of life.

Besides mental agony, disease, and humiliation, the native may suffer imprisonment. When in the 7th house from the moon, the native may be forced to leave his house. He may also suffer punishment. He will also face digestive troubles, skin diseases, etc. There will also be a delay in marriage. When the Sun is in the 8th and 9th house from the moon, the native would develop enmity with his father and other elders. There may be an accident. He will also quarrel with his wife. Some near relatives may also pass away. Sun gives bad results when it is in the 12th house from the moon. He indulges in unethical behavior. He will incur unwanted expenditure. The father of natives may suffer bad health during this period.

Positive Impact of Sun’s Position in the Natal Chart

When Sun passes through 3, 6, 10, and 11th houses from the moon, there will be good months in every aspect of one’s life. During this period, the native would enjoy good health. The Sun would give a square body and majestic appearance. The native may get a high administrative, political position in Government. He will be blessed with prestige, splendor, dignity, generosity, authority, power, and leadership. He will get easy gains, higher education. He will also acquire spiritual education and may even lead a spiritual life. To strengthen the Sun in a horoscope, Ruby gemstone of the weight between 4.6 to 4.7 carats may be used.

The malefic influence of the Sun planet may effectively be tackled by adopting one of the following propitiatory remedial measures:-

  • Serving one’s father or helping old age needy person;
  • Surya Namaskar at Sunrise;
  • Gives wheat soaked in water with 20 grams of Jaggery (Gur) to a cow on Sundays.

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