How do planets like the Sun and Moon impact human eyesight?

All the organs of the human body are valuable, but the eyes have their unique importance.  Without eyes, human life becomes meaningless.A blind man always feels helpless and needs someone to guide him. It is generally said that if the Sun is the light, then the Moon is its reflection.

What’s the role of Planet Sun & Moon in attaining clear vision?


Astrologically to have clear vision and eyes without any defect, both the Sun and Moon must be unaffected in a horoscope.  They should not be weak or aspected by malefic like Saturn, Mars, etc.  They should not be posted in Dustanas, the 6th, 8th, or 12th house. The experience has shown that the 2nd and the 12th are the houses of sight.  The 2nd house stands for the right eye, while the 12th for the left eye.  It is further observed that if the Sun governs the right eye, then the moon rules the left.  If the 2nd and 12th houses are aspected by them, one suffers from eye disease.

Saturn and Mars aspects the Sun and Moon in the ascendant Leo bring forth a blind child.  However, if the same ascendant is aspected by benefics also, then clear sight is the outcome. The moon on the 12th injures the left eye.  But strong benefits aspecting will save the eye from being injured. Saturn and Mars aspecting the moon in Leo alone produce blindness in the left eye.  If these malefic aspects the Sun and the Moon, the child will not be born blind but may suffer blindness later.

The Moon in the lagan when the sign is any other than Aries, Taurus, or Cancer causes blindness or defects in the eyes. When Sun and Moon stand in opposition from the 6th and 12th houses, then the husband and wife both most probably would be one-eyed. The Sun and Moon in the 6th and 8th bring blindness.  If Saturn joins Mars and Moon is placed in the 6th, 8th, or 12th, then the blindness is certain.

How to minimize eye defects astrologically?

However, eye defects get minimized if the moon is exalted or conflicts with a benefic planet.

  • The moon, Venus and a malefic joining in the 2nd house lead to blindness. 
  • The Moon and Venus together also in a Trika house leads to night blindness.
  • The native will have small eyes when a weak moon is unaspected by Venus but aspected by Saturn or the Moon in Cancer is aspected by malefics occupying the 7th and 10th houses.
  • If Venus, Moon, and the lord of the 2nd Bhava are together in the Bhava, the native is most likely to suffer from night blindness.
  • The native will have a spot in his eyes when the moon and Mars are in the same degree.
  • The native would become blind due to seminal discharge when the moon and Mars conjoined together in the 6th, 8th, or 12th houses.
  • The native will be one-eyed if Mars and the Moon are in the ascendant and if Venus or Jupiter aspect the Lagna. 
  • Again if the moon is in the 7th house in Leo and aspected by Mars, the native will be one-eyed.
  • It is worth noting that if the factors denoting eyes have the combined influence of Rahu and Mars then the native is likely to have squint eyes.
  • Squint is a condition of the eyes where the eye-balls are displaced to a slanting position.
  • So when the 12th lord Moon is affected by the aspect of Rahu, then the native will have a squint in his eye.

This is how planets Sun and Moon is a horoscope that causes their impact in one’s eyes.

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