A Short Tale : Destiny Without Work is Not Enough

An Astrologer came into a town. A woman came to him and asked about the future of his son. The astrologer looked into the horoscope of the child and after thoroughly scrutinizing the same said “your son is destined to be a big officer”. Now the question arises that since the boy is destined to be a big officer, then should he only wait for the time to become a big officer and need not work at all in that direction?

It is true that Astrology is an honored discipline and it is both a science and art.  But the aforesaid prediction of the astrologer will come true only if the concerned boy puts his sincere effort to become a big officer and work hard.  Only destiny without his sincere hard work will not make him a big officer. A similar question was also raised in the past to our wise Masters and Rishis. They replied to this question in an uncertain term saying 


“Luck comes to him who makes sincere efforts to it and not to Cowards who shunt efforts”.

Yognabalkya has declared that a chariot with one wheel is totally inefficient and useless till the second wheel is attached so the good does not come about till effort is added to it.

In Samhita Dipak, it is stated that mere luck without favorable time, place, and effort for it, produces no results. In the Mahabharata, it is stated that good fortune comes about when three things combine. They are destiny (merit from previous birth), personal efforts and favorable time. 

It is generally stated that “God helps those who help themselves”.  Thus, those who do not work for their own benefits, even God, who is all-powerful, do not come to help them. Therefore, the luck of the boy will certainly make him a big officer as is predicted by the astrologer.  But he will also have to put in his sincere efforts and work hard to become a big officer. If he works hard, then only his destiny will play its part at the appropriate and favorable time.  Then the prediction of the astrologer will come true.

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