Sagittarius – Its Astrological Significance

The native born between 21st November to 20th December is said to have been born in Sagittarius (Dhanu) Lagan. This Rashi is ruled by Jupiter. Sagittarius is the mooltrikon sign of Jupiter. Saturn acts as a sun like planet for those born in Sagittarius Lagan. It is a fiery sign. These factors make the Sagittarians Read More

Libra – Its Astrological Significance

The native born between 21st September – 20 October is said to have been born in Libra (thula) lagan. It is an airy sign. Sign Libra is ruled by Venus. Venus is indicator of worldly Comforts etc. Libra is mooltrikon sign of Venus. Saturn indicator of hardwork and discipline is exalted in this sign. The Read More

Atam Karak Planet

As vedic astrology is mainly complied by Maharishi prashara similarly there is another school of astrology known as Jamini astrology by maharishi jamini. The method to check horoscope through jaimini astrology is different. Maharishi jaimini was disciple of great rishi ved vyas and son of maharishi prashara. Atam karak plsnet has great importance in jaimini Read More

Dasha Of The Lagna Important Tip For Amateur Astrologers

Lagna can be categorised in three Categories Chara Rashi (Movable sign) 1,4,7,10 Dwiswabhawa ( dual sign) 3,6,9,1 Sthura ( Fixed Sign) 2,5,8,11 If the lagna falls in Chara Rashi in sign 1,4,7,10 ie. Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn  ( MA, MO, VE, SA respectively) and Lagna lies in 1st drekkan ie. 1st 10 degrees, the results of the Read More

What Is Astromancy In Nuptial Ties

Nuptial ties means knots relating to marriage. Marriage is heart to heart link culminating into mutual trust and confidence, for the creation of Children’s and for leading a lively good life. A spouse is needed for deliberations and taking decisions in life and also for catering physical requirements of each other. Minor discords and a Read More

Astrology: How It Helps Mankind – Part II

I would like to give an example hare about astrology and its help to us. When we drive a car & road signs tell us about bumps & dangerous curves ahead, we do not start brooding but become careful and drive cautiously. In short, by understanding the positives through Vedic astrology can keep us elated. Read More

Astrology: How It Helps Mankind – Part I

According to Chambers Dictionary Astrology’ means Science of the influence of planets and stars on human and terrestrial affairs. It is neither a superstitious practice nor is based on the natural common sense of an astrologer. Like all other known sciences such as chemistry, physics, biology etc. the astrology also require research, new theories, developments Read More

What Are The Myths About Kaala Sarpa Yoga ?

Is Rahu a Sarpa? Many ancient sages are of the opinion that Rahu and Ketu both together make up the form of a serpent. Keeping Vashishtha and Veerabhadra in his mind, Varaha Mihira states: Planetary affliction Having obtained these basic hints, we can easily understand that a planet disburses undesired result when it is: Conjunct Read More

What Is Kaala- Sarpa Yoga: Myths , Reality, And Its Effects ?

The Kaala Sarpa yoga has now become too popular to be ignored by any practicing astrologer and, there-fore, calls for some rational analysis. A large number of people, having learnt of its existence in their charts, anticipate its existence in their charts, anticipate its negative effects and are naturally scared of it. On the issue, Read More

What Is The Combination Of Vaastu & Astrology ?

How it effects to improve one’s life. In brief, astrology as we all know gives us an idea about what & how coming period in life is going to be .This is also known as predictions. These predictions are purely formed on the basis of permutation & combination of the stars, as they are aligned Read More

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