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At worldAstro, this is a free service. you can fill the form of “ENERGY SCORE” & know if the house/office you are staying in is lucky as per Vaastu Shastra or not. The purpose of this service is to guide you to take an informed decision about, whether you should take a Vaastu consultation or not for any premises. (i.e. Your home, office, factory, etc)

In case your find that the energy score of your house/premises is less than 45 than you can think to improve the energy by simple remedies of Vaastu/Feng SHUI click here to enquire about the Vaastu consultation.
If the energy score is less than 45: The house/office/premises is not good. If you are already residing in it, you should think to move out & change. However, if this is not possible at the moment you may get Vaastu consultation. (Send a message at chat box or click here to know about details of Vaastu consultation)

If the energy score is between 45-65 : The premises is average for inhabitation. Small remedies can further improve the energy.

If the energy score is 65 & above: The premises is excellent. Good results should be seen in health, wealth, relation, finance, profession & other aspects of life of the inhabitants.

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