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Wearing Gemstones is one of the ways to counter adverse effect of the malefic planet in the horoscope. Gems are widely used as a popular remedial measure to counteract adverse effect of planets.

Most important is to wear the right gemstone with right weight and performing right methods before
wearing the gemstone for best results.

At ‘WORLDASTRO’ once we receive your form Nirwair Ji Vedic Astrologer & Vaastu consultant , analyse the horoscope and recommend the right gemstone for your good luck. We also provide the full wearing instructions as well, as per Vedic astrology and K.P system of astrology.

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Remedial and Curative Impact of Gems stones and Rudraksha on Human Destiny. There are primarily four types of remedial in Vedic Astrology to word off the evil effects of malefic planets or enhance the good effect of benefits of your horoscope. These are: * wearing a lucky gemstone * Performing a specific pooja reciting a specific mantra gap. * Acquiring a real/yantra * Donating the articles of the specific planet. Brief of each of the remedial is below Astrology is a science of Stars It deals with nine planets; namely, Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu. The movements of these planets and their locations at the time, date and place of birth of a person can be ascertained scientifically through mathematical astrology, correctly computed “Horoscope”. The deductions logically drawn through scientific analysis of a “Horoscope” have by now proved themselves worthy of confidence amongst all the nations and religions of the world. A person can now correctly learn and know about his acquired destiny in advance through the processes of astrology. The invisible, all powerful force (we may call it God, Allah, Lord Shiva or by any other sacred name of our Guru or deity of our faith) that gives life and take it away without our prior consultation, has written clearly what we want to know, in our “Birth Chart”. Human body is a very complex engine, specially created and adapted for a well planned specific purpose.

I would like to share with the reader about a controversy regarding astrology. Many a times astrology is confused with fortune telling, black magic, witch craft. Actually Astrology has no relation with any such kind of things like black magic , witch craft,etc. so much so it has no link with any religion as well. The truth is that the quacks who have no knowledge of Astrology, for the purpose of duping /robing the innocent people connect it with such things. True Astrologer will never say that there is a spell or magic on someone. At Worldastro we are committed to Vedic Astrology and AUTHENTIC INDUSTRIAL & RESIDENTIAL VAASTU. And as such we always answer the questions as per vedic astrology.

Answer is ‘Yes’. To much extent. The science of planets claim that it can save such a person from the bad effects of his unfavorable planets. According to it, the Almighty has made us free agents, capable always to change our destiny, if we earnestly strive to do so, with full confidence and determination.

Astrology strongly believe that ‘Meditation’ of God of our faith is the best remedy for curing the evil effects of our unfavourable planets. Spiritual science begins where worldly science ends. Religion starts where reason stops. Meditation includes repetition of special mantras, pooja or yagyas at religious places, donations, penance and such other pious and sacred activities in life. It also helps in getting the maximum benefits of the otherwise weak but favourable planets of your ‘birth chart’.

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