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The point of the zodiac rising at the eastern horizon when a man is born, is called Lagna or ascendant. The position of the planets incorporated in relation to this point in various zodiacal signs is generally called as "Jathaka" or horoscope. While the Lagna can be considered as "soul" the Rasi occupied by moon can be understood as body. Moon sign of the chart is generally called as rasi (Chandra Rasi) and the birthf star is called "Janma Nakshatra". The day-to-day effects caused by transitory motion of the plants with reference to "Janma Rasis" (Moon sign at birth) and Janma Nakahtra is called "Gochara Phala" or transit results of planets. The results are also co-related to 12 Bhavas in relation to Janma Rasi for day-to-day life trends. Since the commencement of actual life is denoted by Lagna, it is called Soul. But the planets travel each of the 12 Rasis and 27 stars and produce effects in relation to Lagna and Jaanma Rais. The permanent position of planets at the time of birth in relation to Lagna signifies the details of strength and inherent features of various aspects of life that are stored for man in permanence.

This can not be changed. But the effects produced thereafter in relation to Janma Rasi by the planetary positions at various times in day-to-day affairs of life is called Gochara which keeps on change from time to time.

Both in dealing with the permanent features of Horo-scope and the effect of planets for day-to-day affairs, the 12 Bhavas, reckoned from Lagna for the former and from Janma Rasi in reference to the latter give the result of various as-pects of life. We have to note a significant difference between planet and stars. Planets are bodies in constant motion having definite cycles of time during which these appear to revolve through the zodiac. But stars are fixed which emit a particular pattern of cosmic rays with reference to their permanent position. The cumulative cyclic effect of movement of planets over that of Rasis and the Nakshatras (fixed stars) produce the change of life in day-to-day affairs.

In a way we can conclude that the effect of planets on human life can be judged in 3 ways.

  1. The permanent features of the chart with reference to lagna indicates the individual's permanent features of life.
  2. The result of directional effect of planets based on the birth stars of Janma Nakshatra from the time of birth throughout the life in succession is termed as "Dasha Bukthi" result which distribute the permanent features promised in the horoscope during the periods of "Dasha Bukthi" of planets. It is to be seen that while reckoning of Dasha Bukhti starts from one‟s Janma Nakshatra reckoning of Gochara phala is related to the Natal sign of Moon's position or Janma Rasi in the chart. Thus both are reckoned from Moon‟s position only. Hence Moon‟s position is given prime importance in Gochara or transit have to be weighed and given proper importance in deciding the results of the trend of the life during particular period. Any action of a human being is prompted by the mind. We have already realized that Moon represents mind. As such, this is the prime reason for considering Moon sign for Gochara result. The dasha bukthi results, in fact can be called as directional Astrology in Vedic Astrology. The directional astrology in the West consider the imagined planetary positions in progression in relation to radical point of planets, ascendants etc. this cannot be termed as more scientific since there is no trilogy of Hindus is unique since it takes its clues from Moon position at birth and gives the results through the allotted periods of planets throughout the life in relation to their Lord-Astrology science it gives the day-today results taking its base from the Moon sign for day-to-day affairs. Hereafter we will dwell in detail regarding the results of transit of planets after outlining the basic principles.
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