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By accessing, reading and making use of the Web pages provided by Worldastro , you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions set out below and on the respective Web pages. If you do not wish to be bound by these terms and conditions, you may not access or use the information or service provided on the pages.

The services offered by Worldastro are intended for private use by human individuals interested in astrology. It is not allowed to build a commercial service based on the resources of this server, to resell or redistribute services or data offered by this server, or to extract the information on this server systematically for data capture. All exceptions to this rule require the consent of world astro in writing and are valid only until revoked.

Furthermore, it is not allowed to publish a Personal Daily Horoscope or other free horoscopes in a public web log (blog). Both text and artwork in these horoscopes are protected by copyright and require permission by world astro in writing for each case of republication. It is allowed to quote two to three sentences from a complete horoscope, but only occasionally, and not in a regular fashion.Unmodified publication of chart drawings which are created from the user’s own data does not require permission by Astrodienst.


We cannot and do not guarantee that the links set out on our site will be accurate at the time of your access. Moreover, the sites pointed at by hyperlinks are developed and possibly maintained by persons over whom Worldastro exercises no control. We cannot and do not monitor the sites linked to our pages on the Internet. Worldastro not assume any responsibility for the content of any site referenced to by any hyperlink or otherwise.


Worldastro, the provider of these services, believes that persons who make information available on the World Wide Web or in newsgroups do so with the expectation that such information will be publicly and widely available. Further, the respective entity believes that its making available hyperlinks to publicly accessible Web pages and newsgroups is legally permissible and consistent with the common, customary expectations of those who make use of the Internet. If access to a particular Web site is restricted, the entity providing this service will remove the link from their site at the other site operator’s written request.


“Worldastro AT WWW.WORLDASTRO.COM and their respective logos are registered trademarks of Worldastro. No part of www. Worldastro.com is so constructed that images, registered trade marks or logos of this website are automatically licensed for use. By downloading or copying contents of www.astro.com, you do not acquire any right to use whichever elements of www.astro.com nor for the software which is required for the use of these elements.

Worldastro declares herewith that it is not proprietor of the trade marks and service marks which are used on websites which are pointed at by hyperlinks on www.astro.com, if these trade marks and service marks belong to persons or enterprises outside world astro

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