Ravi Agnihotri

If you wanna know your past, present and future, no one can be more accurate than Mr. Nirwair Ji. I  was going through worst phase of my life, one of my friend recommended to contact Nirwair ji. As I was desperate to know what’s going on and how long it would go on. I met Nirwair ji.  He asked my  Place, Date & Time of birth. He said Ravi , the next one and half years are bit tough then your best time is coming up. In fact every astrologer had said that so believed what he told me . But the way he explained me everything , i found it very cool, friendly and very different from traditional & orthodox astrologers.  In 2015 I had reason to believe to believe that whatever he predicts turns out to be so accurate.  I had few listings that were not getting sold and I had already spent lots of time and efforts , I almost lost hope that I may not find buyers  for those properties. So I met Nirwair ji and asked if I would be able to sell those houses. He looked at my birth chart and said Ravi all your listings would be sold.  And it was 2015 winters and real estate activity was very low, and know what before the end of year all my listings were sold.  I was bit surprised and happy that it happened. In 2016 I ran out of my money, consumed all my savings , had debt of $85,000, at one point of time I had no idea how would i pay my next EMI and how would I feed my family,  In March 2016 I met again Nirwair ji, and asked him that just tell me one thing Would I sell my home to get out of this financial mess. He said no, You will get through this difficult time , you will some how arrange the funds . You know my family income was low, my credit history was ugly, all my credit cards was full, line of credit was used, rather I took loans from 2 of my friends. I had no idea how would i get loan or money. I talked to my Bank, he straight forwarded said no to refinance or to increase my line of credit. But then with bit extra  efforts, I  got refinance at very good rate and got enough money to pay off all my debts ( 10-20% rate of interest credit cards and line of credit ).
One day I just went to Nirwair ji, to ask Sir, would I be able to buy a new car as i desperately needed a car. He said not only you would buy a car but you would buy a luxury car in beginning of year, then My next question was “ Sir, I don’t know if would have that much business to afford it even?”  He said “ trust on God,  If you buy that car he would arrange something to afford it also. “  Trust me I had no money, I was even afraid to ask the dealership  to pull my credit history  or if I could get  financing for the car. In last 5 year I couldn’t even imagine that I would be able to buy a new car, but see what happens, one day I went to High End car dealership and asked if I could get a car. They  just asked my driving license , and they said in 5 days your car would be ready.  Isn’t it amazing. New car came with my luck lady, in for 3 months of 2017 I did business that was equal to 2 years total.   But  then a new challenge came up. My buyer side closing was coming up and suddenly Mortgage broker told that mortgage is not approved, and we may have to extend the closing, but the vendor was not willing to co-operate and threatened to sue my buyer.  That Ii never expected,  so again I turned toward Nirwair ji to tell me, what would happen. Nirwair ji said Ravi, the next 2 weeks are really difficult,  It will make you sweat , you may have to run here and there, but at the end it would be completed.  It was closing day and our mortgage broker told that appraisal is too low, we may have to arrange second mortgage, now there were 2 challenges to arrange down payment as well as Mortgage and that’s too in last 3 days.  One can imaging through what time me and my buyer was passing through.  Closing date passed, we were crossing fingers, Nirwair ji was in touch with me on date of closing, and next day also he called me to find out. I told him that we have no clue what would happen. He said but it has to be done by 12:25 pm according to my birth chart.  I said that it is what it is Sir. Then see what happened, Our mortgage broker called my buyers who were with me since morning , to go to bank and sign all the papers  as Mortgage is approved , along with down payment funds of $130,000 with the best rate of interest . By 5 pm that deal was closed.  I would say No one can predict better than Nirwair ji. I recommend one of my fellow to consult with him,  after meeting Nirwair ji, he was also surprised that how can he tell his past so accurate. Thank you Nirwair ji for everything and guiding me through my hard times