Marriage is heart to heart link culminating into mutual trust and confidence, for the creation of Children’s and for leading a lively good life.
A spouse is needed for deliberations and taking decisions in life and also for catering physical requirements of each other. Minor discords and a little heated discussions are a normal feature even of a happy married life. Cent percent bliss is seldom found.
None need Marry if there is no heart to heart connection and mutual trust between the marriage partners.
” Unless love, link each heart to heart
It were better keep those Lives apart”.
Said most popular and influential Sage Chiero.
Thus marriage can be both either a bliss or a bane. Generally, it is said that “he who marries in life often repents and he who does not marry in life also repents”. It is because it was very difficult to foresee as to whether one’s marriage would prove to be a bliss or a bane in life. Marriage has bought both either happiness or discords in one’s life.
Then how to judge well in advance before marriage as to whether one’s marriage is going to be a bliss or bane in one’s life?
In “Panchatantra” translated in English by Arthur W. Ryder it is advised that each spouse should aim at 7 things in marriage.
“Get money, good healthy looks
knowledge of books
good family,
position and truth”.
Keeping in mind these general aims of marriages, the Astrologer weighs the strength and weakness of the planets relating to each of the above noted aims and then by his expertise in astrological science draw the balance and foretell the success or failure of marriage of the concerned person whose horoscope is under study by comparing it on same lines with the horoscope of other prospective marriage partner.
If the aim of each spouse is found to be fulfilled from the marriage partner then that marriage would, by a large, be a bliss otherwise it will be a bane full of discords and a sort of hell.
The modern astromancers have now fully realized that marriage is an important event in one’s life. By constant research in this field they have developed a scientific method through which each good / bad event relating to marriage can be foretold by looking into the position of the planets in a horoscope.
Human race is undoubtedly created by its creator under a definite plan. There is no hit or miss in shaping and putting together the inhabitants of this globe. The astrologers having more intellect, refinement, tact, facility of expression, having knowledge of life in all its phases, can now very easily unfold the plan of creation from the placement of planets, their location, strength and boundaries etc. In a horoscope.
The astromancy is now in a position to foretell as to whether in a nuptial tie, a person will have mental compatibility with his / her spouse or not. The divine will in store relating to marriage of a person can now be told in advance with certainty by looking through the position of planets noted from the date / time and place of birth of a particular person.
The problems relating to nuptial knots of many have been and / or are being solved by the astromancy by applying Astral remedies.
Marry, fear not
consult competent astrologer in advance.

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