Vastu Shastra is the textual element of Vastu Vidya. It is about the collection of ideas and concepts that acts as models for the organization of a space or a building such as a house or an office. These ideas and concepts are based on their functions concerning each other, their usage, and all included fabrics of Vastu. Vastu is a Sanskrit word that means a residence or a house and it is also referred to as a building, ground, site, plot, etc. that can be used as a foundation place for a house. Vastu is an ancient science of architecture and buildings and there are many Vastu Experts who have studied Vastu for years.

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The combination of Vastu and astrology is said to be very powerful in improving problems in one’s life related to health, relationship, wealth, professional, etc. Astrology indicates destiny whereas Vastu improves it and the combination of both is that with the help of astrology we can indicate the near future and by applying Vastu to the indications we can thus improve our future. Vastu and Astrology are considered pure divine science that has been given to mankind for the benefit of human beings. 

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