Ask your question/Prashan/ Question:Also known as HORARY ASTROLOGY. There are three most important branches of Astrology.

A) Predictive Astrolog


C) Horary Astrology/ Prashan/Question Astrology.It takes the time date and place of that moment ,the query or question is put to an Astrologer

There are certain rules applied for this. Question must be seriously put if the answer is earnestly desired and if correct results are to be obtained.

Horary Astrology is the ART OF PERCEIVING THE RELATION BEWTEEN THE THOUGHT AS IT ARISES IN MIND AND THE PATTERN OF HEAVEN AT THAT MOMENT. This gives clue for forecasting an event .Hence this branch is most useful and most practical among all branches of Astrology..

Thus if the querrent is serious and he or she ask the question with full faith and dedication ,and the astrologer looks at the combination of the stars in prescribed system, the chances of right predictions are very-very high.This system of astrology ivs very straight in its answers and very practical ,most used and helpful as the indications about future by this system are not vauge,but on the contrary are very clear. Basically under this system of Astrology ANY QUESTION RELATED TO ANY ASPECT OF ONES LIFE can be asked and given astrological analysis.

Astrologer will give the prediction as per vedic astrology to your specific questions. Some example questions which are mosty asked are as follow:

  • How is my future?
  • Will I get admission?
  • Will I construct property?
  • Will I be able to buy/purchase a house?
  • Will I be able to sell my property?
  • Is the rumour true or false?
  • Should I have a partner?
  • Can I have a servant?
  • Will I clear off loan?
  • Will missing person return?
  • How is my doctor/lawyer?
  • Will I win litigation?
  • Is there any divorce in my life?
  • Will patient survive?
  • Will I get promotion?
  • Is any foriegn travel for my?
  • ill things get recovered?
  • Will I get bail?
  • OR any question related to journey, tavelling litigation,job, children,disease,marriage partner etc
  • OR question, related to any aspect of life



    Information seeked is always confidential & used for the purpose it is seeked for