Every person in the world dreams. Some forget and the other remember vaguely or clearly. Astrologically, dreams are connected with the first house, Karka. Reading of dream is connected with Rahu.

Dreams are strange perceptions realized when the physical body of a person is at rest. Dreams are mostly seen at night times. But they can also be seen during day time.

Dreams are sometimes series of pictures and events seen by a sleeping person. In dreams, the soul sometimes become a king, sometimes a beggar, sometimes high and sometimes low. In dreams there are chariots, no horses, no roads, but the soul creates them. There is no happiness, amusement and laughter there; but the soul creates them. Similarly there are no tanks, springs and rivers but the soul creates them. It is said that the longest dream lasts for about five seconds. It starts suddenly and ends abruptly. The psychologists do not agree about the significance and interpretation of most of the dreams. Dreams may be pleasant, unpleasant, single, composite, absurd, meaningless, short realistic, about future events, or about routine life. Dreams may amuse and regale a dreamer, it may pre-sage future events, or may cause afflictions and misery to the dreamer or may suggest guidelines for unsolved problems or may even disclose unknown secrets to the dreamer.

Dreams seen during illness or seen during daytime are less reliable. A comprehensive investigation about the dreams and subsequent events in the life of a dreamer and the matters connected with the dreamer is likely to provide scientific basis for interpreting most of the dreams. From time immemorial people have been interested in finding out the importance/effect of their dreams. Some common dreams and their traditional meanings are given here-in-below:

  1. Aeroplane or Ship Change of environment
  2. Amputated arm Grief of friend or mother
  3. Accept bribe Disrespect, troubles
  4. Auction Improvement in business
  5. Missing Automobile ride Trouble averted
  6. Acquitted Victory over enemies
  7. Arrested Worries
  8. Buffalo Warning of trouble
  9. Bald Disappointment
  10. Blood Strife
  11. Walking or Crossing over a bridge Sure success
  12. Bazar Gain of wealth
  13. Boat get in Gain
  14. Boat get out Relief of worries
  15. Beheaded Separation from loved ones
  16. Bathroom Disease, worries
  17. Brahmin ill-health
  18. Bride or groom Broken marriage
  19. Barefoot Change, Good luck
  20. Battlefield Quarrels
  21. To wear new clothes Poverty, difficulties
  22. To wear old clothes Good, fortune
  23. Coffee drinking Happiness
  24. Others drinking Unhappiness
  25. Camel Profit and promotion
  26. Clouds Journey
  27. Chattering Gain of good rank
  28. Crown Respect and gain
  29. To run from city Happiness, gain
  30. Chair Success
  31. Chain tied with……… Temporary set back
  32. Freeing from chain Overcome obstacles
  33. Cards Auspicious
  34. Courting Good fortune
  35. Curd Good Fortune
  36. Cooking Loss of position
  37. Crawling Difficulties
  38. Coal Bad luck
  39. Dog Good Omen
  40. Dog Bark Overcome difficulties
  41. Dog wagging tail A happy time
  42. Dead body Wealth, happiness and health
  43. Talking to dead elders Name and fame
  44. Dead laughing Worries, separation
  45. Dancing Good luck
  46. Driving Financial Gain
  47. Drinking with officers Long life gain
  48. Death of child Inauspicious
  49. Death of wife Happy news
  50. Death of own-self Good days
  51. Donkey End of trouble
  52. Drinking wine Financial gain
  53. Drinking milk Fame and honour
  54. Drink of Medicine Recovery of health
  55. Eating of fruits/sweets human flesh or fish Respect, gain, life-long comforts
  56. Elephant Auspicious
  57. Enemy, opponent Success over obstacles
  58. Earthquake Destruction, war
  59. Fly in aeroplane Success in business
  60. Flower Comfort, respect, good rank
  61. Falling teeth Long life,, good health
  62. Falling in well Worries
  63. Fields/Fountain Happiness gain
  64. Flying in sky Death of dear one
  65. Roaming in forest Difficulties
  66. Firing a pistol Steady rise in life
  67. Girl Happiness in near future
  68. Gold Biscuits Worries, loss
  69. Ornaments Success, fortune
  70. Gems Happy marriage
  71. Fall from height Demotion
  72. Hanged Relief from worries
  73. Ride a horse Promotion
  74. To fall from horse Worries, reversal
  75. Climbing top hill Hard work rewarded
  76. Honey bees Fortune
  77. Hailstorm Difficulties/loss
  78. Laugh Disappointment
  79. Lightning with rain Unlucky
  80. Lion Victory over enemies
  81. LadderAscending Not reaching top
  82. Man weeping Good news, trouble to go
  83. Music with marriage Affectionate friends
  84. Minister Elevation in rank
  85. Nude Misfortune
  86. Parrot Journey to foreign land
  87. Owl Failure in hopes
  88. Operation/Medical Recovery from illness
  89. Perfume Success
  90. Pearl Happiness
  91. Palace living in Wealth and honour
  92. Pig Shamelessness
  93. Princess Meeting with woman, happiness
  94. Pigeon Happy news
  95. Peacock Happiness
  96. Pregnant woman Good news
  97. Plants in pots Exposure of secrets
  98. Prostitution Difficulties
  99. Rats Troubles, misfortune
  100. Rainbow Change for better
  101. River Wealth and respect
  102. Rabbit Meeting with woman
  103. Robbed losses
  104. Ringing Auspicious
  105. Road Honour, happiness
  106. Snake{Bite by snake or Snake in the lap or Catch a snake or Kill a snake or Snake in hand } Worries, troubles
  107. Sadhu Relief from worries
  108. Ship or plane wrack Misfortune
  109. Servant Association with wealthy
  110. Stealing Happiness
  111. Sleep and Snore Happiness
  112. Tears, crying Good Fortune
  113. Table with food Prosperity
  114. Thunder and lightning Trouble ahead
  115. Train Change in residence
  116. Urinate Comfort through son
  117. Vomiting Death of near one
  118. Wedding party Worries
  119. Wedding party of women Happiness
  120. Well dig in house Wealth, promotion
  121. Wine drinking Prosperity
  122. Walking in dirt Disappointments
  123. Washing clothes Hard life ahead
  124. Writing Careful about agreements
  125. Wearing torn shoes or clothes Loss of money.

The list of dreams and their possible effects mentioned above are not exhaustive. There may be many other dreams not mentioned herein. Their effects can be ascertained through scientific investigation of the nature of dream and by thorough study of the “horoscope” of the dreamer. Same dream may not have the same effect for all human beings.