Yes once we diagnose the issues as per Vaastu/Fengshui, we can correct issues with simple remedies, without actually effective the construction & improve the energy of the premises.

Nowadays Vaastu consultation can be taken in two ways

A) Over the Phone (By using technology i.e… Watts app /skype etc.

B) By physically visiting the site/premises.

You can fill the form or send a message at the chatbox to know the cost and other details of the Vaastu consultation

A vaastu consultation could be very helpful if you are purchasing or renting a house or designing a home. It is especially recommended if you are facing problems and hurdles in life or if there is lack of harmony at home or work. Vaastu harmonizes our lives with nature, allowing us to unfold to our optimum potential.

Yes, science of Vaastu is universal and the basic principles of vaastu are applicable to all types of buildings. but in commercial & industrial places special attention is given to inventory to facilitate faster moment & to equipment & machinery for it smooth & efficient running. Importance is also given to waste & storage. To improve the profits special color effects are also used. Similarly, the administrative unit is also designed as per the configuration of the rank & status of different employees & owners.

East Governs: Prosperity, wisdom, male issues, southeast governs: health, fire, cooking & Food south Governs: wealth, crops, happiness, & female head of the family. south west Governs: character, behavior, longevity & death west governs: name, Fame, prosperity, and the male head of the family. Northwest Governs: change, income from business, enmity, friendship North governs, wealth prosperity & Female issues Northeast governs: health, wealth, spirituality & all around prosperity

Vaastu: In brief: as we all know there are four directions, namely north, south east & west. Similarly, it is widely believed & also scientifically proven that universe is made from 5 basic elements namely Air, water, fire, earth & space. Where ever on this universe these five elements are in specific balance, life is possible only in that place. Basically Vaastu is study of these directions connected to these basic five elements for the purpose of bringing harmony & peace in one‟s life and attain the perfect harmony and peace in one‟s life. To attain the perfect peace and harmony between human beings & nature, the accent Indian society evolved a positive & healthy attitude towards its surroundings. To attain harmony ancient sages attained excellence in various branches of science, art, philosophy. One such branch is known as vaastu shastra. Basically, it is a Divine science of harmonious structures. Vaastu used to be adopted in India architecture in the past & finds its first mention in Stapatya Veda, which is part of Yajiur Veda. Vishwakarma, the celestial architect is mainly credited to have brought this knowledge from cosmic mind about how one can live a peaceful & harmonious life in this world. He revealed this knowledge in vaastu Shastra. This great ancient system was followed vaguely in India and the common men knew several of its principles. The Harappa & Molunjodaro excavations also indicate the influence of Vaastu in the Indus valley civilization. This traditional knowledge was lost during the alien influence over India for several centuries. The western system of education did not pay due & proper attention to the age-old principles of this great knowledge with the result that vaastu lost its glitter in India. subsequently, the absence of its principles in building houses & work places lead us to a disastrous consequences. Therefore, currently we are forced to realize the auspiciousness of the science (of Vaastu ) in spite the latest invasion of electronic media & ever increasing western inference over our society. vaastu has undergone a sea of change from its oriental realm confined to temples & royal places now, to serve the mankind as a whole without discrimination, to living a peaceful, comfortable & harmonicons life on this planet. The modern vaastu is synthesis of oriental values & universal peace. only those who were interested in science of this India architecture with their in-depth study of different cases of success & failure of buildings and their inmates, succeeded in patronizing & upholding this great ancient scripture for the benefit of mankind.

In Vastu shastra directions are the very most important subject. Without knowing the directions, we cannot find out the mistake as per vaastu shastra at the premises. Directions are nothing but heart of a human body. Heart is most important to a human body, like wise directions also important to the vastu shastra.

How to find out the directions. Stand before Sun, that is the East, i. e. you are viewing east direction, our back side is West, our left hand side is North and our right hand side is South. If you want to know how is your house according to vastu shastra, test here you can get some sort of small tips to get vaastu shastra power of your house. We have given some marks to the directions, first observe the marks for the rooms and their directions and like wise slowly get down and observe the optimization of your house with this marks list, then you can have some idea on your house, that whether your house is according to Vaastu shastra or not.

Take each chart. You determine the marks of your house based on each point given in the chart without bias. Put the marks for each and every chart. Then add all the marks. The total marks decide the FORTUNE of the house! If your present house gets more than 60 marks, then it is most likely Vaastu compatible house. If it is less than 60 marks, then you are advised to consult and make Vaastu corrections. If you have more than 75 marks, it is a very fortunate and a lucky house! You are assured of continued development through the house.

So kindly study the tables twice or thrice and understand them well. If you want to shift to another house, then also you should evaluate the marks in the same manner. If you want to purchase a constructed house or apartment, there also you could determine the mark to the proposed house or flat according to those tables. If the marks are more than 60, then you can purchase it without least hesitation or occupy the house as a tenant. If it is less than 50 marks, you should not purchase or take lease of the house! Ill-luck and troubles are expected from that house.