Everything created by God always has some meaning and significance. Moles are permanent dark spots on our body. They reveal our nature and destiny. Study of science of moles is essential for benefit of humanity. Misfortune in one’s life can be averted, if warned in advance, about the ill-effects of particular moles on one’s body. All spots on the body may not be moles. A raised mole is called “wart”.

Experience has shown that

  1. Long and narrow and long and big moles are auspicious.
  2. Big and irregular moles are inauspicious.
  3. Square moles averts evil at last minute.
  4. Wart increases the power and effect of moles.
  5. Moles on the right side of the body are auspicious.
  6. Less than twelve moles on the body are benefic
  7. More moles on the right side than on the left side of body are auspicious
  8. Two moles close to each other show that the person will marry twice.
  9. Mole in the centre of forehead show the person is dominated by Mars and he will have harsh temper.
  10. Mole on the right side of the forehead of a body show that she is wealthy body
  11. Mole on left side of forehead show, she is pious lady.
  12. Mole on the left side of the face of woman is inauspicious.
  13. A mole on the right side of the left eye of a man indicate that he is spendthrift.

In short moles on different parts of the body indicate different results. Generally, moles are on different parts/sides of the head, fore-head, temple, face, nose, eye-brows, eyes, ears, lips, cheeks, tongue, chin, jaw, neck, shoulder, chest, breast, belly, back, waist, armpits, arms, elbows, fore-arms, wrists, palms, back of the head, fingers, mounts of either hand, nails, hips, knees, calf muscles, legs, ankles, feet (A mole on right foot indicate wisdom) soles. ( A mole on any part of sole indicate frequent journeys, ambition and wealth) and grains.

A mole on the sole of a man show his company with woman of ill-fame. A mole on the toes of a foot indicate scandals. A woman having moles anywhere in the region from the thigh to the ankle will have great devotion to God. A mole on the left leg of a man indicate that he is lazy, henpecked and coward. But such a mole on the body of woman show that she is noble and affectionate wife.

  • A mole on mount of Venus indicate some veneral disease.
  • A mole on Jupiter mount shows ruined position, loss of reputation.
  • A mole on mount of sun shows loss of power and authority.
  • A mole on mount of Saturn mean certain evil possibilities.
  • A mole on mount of mercury indicate failure in education and business.
  • A mole on the mount of moon indicate nervous disease, death by drowning, hysteria leading to madness.
  • A mole on the upper or lower mars, indicate wound during a fight.
  • Moles on the inner side of fingers give good results.
  • A mole on the right thumb of a man indicate he is good orator.
  • Thus significance of moles differs between males and females.
  • Generally auspicious moles are found on the right side of men and on left side of the women.



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