What prompted us to create this platform of the combination of Astrology & Vaastu astrology is a divine science. This is the only subject on this plant which claims to predict an erect before it actually happens. This is the predictive part of astrology. Astrology also claims to improve the effects of start by way of remedial measures. (By wearing gem stones, performing Pooja, receptive mantras, acquire yantras, donating specific things on specific days)
Similarly in vaastu also a diagnosis is premises & there after corrective measures are recommended. I was always fascinated by these subjects. (astrology & vaastu). Doing Astrology & vaastu for other was my passion & as such when I was doing my formal education I was practicing these subjects in armature way. When I went deep into the subject & in the market I found that Astrology’s & vaastu consultants are looting innocent people in the name of astrology & vaastu remedial measures connecting these subjects with religion.
This prompted me to up with a platform where in everybody who is a believer of astrology & vaastu can have a genuine consultation, which are 100% in accordance with the vedic principles & without superstitions.
We at worldastro.com render/offer astrology & vaastu services & all consultations are without superstitions & fully confidential. We do not combine our services with any religion & we change up front with clear intentions.
At worldastro, we concentrate only on providing authentic, to the point Astrolgoical and vaastu services/ consultations. We do not sell any other products such as Gem stones, yantras, pooja (Package). We restrict ourself in recommending above remedial measures but neither sell such nor recommend the client to get from a specific place.
Combination of astrology and vaastu is very powerful in improving problems (Health, wealth, relationship, professional etc.) in life. Astrology indicates destroy and vaastu improves it. Once we are approached, we put all effort as per vedic astrology and krishnamurthi system of astrology as well as there after recommend remedial measure combinding both subjects. Hence the probability of getting reliefs in burning questions of life increases by manifold.
We are in business of astrology and vaastu since last more than 15 years. We have never tried to put any client into fear of superstitious things such as black magic or spirits. So much so, in case any one had approached us, thinking that he/she is cursed with black magic, we have tried our best to educate them and have explained the astrological reasons for such feelings. And also indicated the time frame As to when will such negative feeling go away as per their astrological combination. (This practice has given us a lot of fame) Interstingly more than 80% cliente got relief as per the indicated time frame as per calcutatione of Astrology.
In these 2 dleades, now we have salisfied clientele hiroughout world including U.S, Canada, Australia, England & Middle east. Our payment style is also very up front & there are no hidden lost or surprise in our services.
At world astro we believe, Astrology indicates desitiny & vaastu improves it thus combination of astrology & Vasstu is very powerful in improving ones life & luck. We offer both services at world astro.
At worlastro, we consider Vaastu & Astrology as pure divine sciences, given to mankind by Ancient sages for the benefit of human beings. As such our services & responses to all the intrtests shown by no space for superstition ( Black Magic, woodoo etc).
The Base of worldastro is Randing services & consultations for Astrology & Vaastu. As such we do recommend Remedies to improve the situations & circumstances of life, (i.e Recommed Gem stones, Pooja, yantra, Mantras & donations) but does not sell these items.
We are in business of Astrology & Vaastu since last 20 years & have satisfied all around the world i.e India, Canada, U.S, England, Australia, Middle east Countries.
All world we charge upfront and genuinely. There are no hidden charges in our services. Neither there are any Gimmiks nor surprises. In Astrology, vaastu, remedial measures, (i.e. all services) we provide clear information is provided about every services. Apart from this we are very cautions about confidentiality and secrecy of our clients. Thus we do not share your information with anybody.
We intimated this platform for authentic and genuine consultations for Astrology and vaastu 20 years back, with a definite vision of serving the needs of people, to make society informed about their upcoming events for better decisions. The aim and vision of worldastro was from the day one to streamline a scattered, directionless, Astrology and vaastu consultation market. We help our clients in taking actions to shift their lives more positively. We believe that you can achieve anything you did your mind to, as long as you are aware of the surrounding cosmic energies and knowing when to make a shift in your life to get desired results. Success is defined not only by the efforts of individuals, or businesses but also the turning of these efforts and this is where we excel and provide guidance. We pride ourselves in being authentic and passionate about the work we do and as professionals in the field, we define our success in the success of our clients.