There are primarily four types of remedial in Vedic Astrology to word off the evil effects of malefic planets or enhance the good effect of benefits of your horoscope. These are: * wearing a lucky gemstone * Performing a specific pooja reciting a specific mantra gap. * Acquiring a real/yantra * Donating the articles of the specific planet. Brief of each of the remedial is below Astrology is a science of Stars It deals with nine planets; namely, Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu. The movements of these planets and their locations at the time, date and place of birth of a person can be ascertained scientifically through mathematical astrology, correctly computed “Horoscope”. The deductions logically drawn through scientific analysis of a “Horoscope” have by now proved themselves worthy of confidence amongst all the nations and religions of the world. A person can now correctly learn and know about his acquired destiny in advance through the processes of astrology. The invisible, all powerful force (we may call it God, Allah, Lord Shiva or by any other sacred name of our Guru or deity of our faith) that gives life and take it away without our prior consultation, has written clearly what we want to know, in our “Birth Chart”. Human body is a very complex engine, specially created and adapted for a well planned specific purpose. What is that specific purpose and what lies hidden in future of a person? The knowledge of ‘Science of Planets’ through deep and scientific study of a ‘Horoscope’ venture to answer these queries well in advance. Deep and careful study of a ‘Horoscope’ of a person would show that certain planets in his ‘horoscope’ are favourably placed, some are unfavourable and the other give mixed results. The placement and strength of each planet and their positive or negative effects may be got determined from a competent astrologer at the earliest, preferably starting with a child as the astrology also provides preventive remedies to negate the negative effects of malefic planets. Wisdom lies in preventing a wrong or failure before it occurs. An astrologer, if consulted in time, could have told the sons and daughters in advance as to in what sphere in life were they best fitted to achieve success in life according to their cosmic design appearing in their “birth chart”. Similarly, marriage of those, who were not destined to live together in matrimonial alliance, could have been prevented, if consulted in time. A competent Astrologer, could even pre-inform a person, about a disease, from which that person was likely to suffer in his future life. In that case preventive measures could have been taken and the ailment could either be averted or its effect lessened. The unfavourably placed planets in a “Horoscope” causes imbalance in one’s life. They adversely effect his health and brain. His life becomes miserable and full of obstacles. He leads distressed life full of tension. He groans under illhealth and acute poverty. Many a time his heart goes to commit even an unpardonable sin of committing suicide.

Answer is ‘Yes’. To much extent. The science of planets claim that it can save such a person from the bad effects of his unfavorable planets. According to it, the Almighty has made us free agents, capable always to change our destiny, if we earnestly strive to do so, with full confidence and determination.

Astrology strongly believe that ‘Meditation’ of God of our faith is the best remedy for curing the evil effects of our unfavorable planets. Spiritual science begins where worldly science ends. Religion starts where reason stops. Meditation includes repetition of special mantras, pooja or yagyas at religious places, donations, penance and such other pious and sacred activities in life. It also helps in getting the maximum benefits of the otherwise weak but favorable planets of your ‘birth chart’.

According to astrology the purpose of wearing gem is chiefly to pacify/appease the malefic planets and or to strengthen the weak planets which are otherwise favourable to get maximum benefit out of them. Selection of a particular gem for a particular person for achieving specific purpose is not an easy task. Those gems or jewels are never prescribed which are meant for the planets posited low in the houses or those planets posited as Lord in the 6 th , 8 th and 12 th houses or those other planets which would be death-inflicting ones. If anyone do so, he would definitely taste failures and damages. Gems are always to be prescribed following the glare of the planets or say, the influence of the planets. To do so an experienced Astrologer, would first find out where the favourable planet is posited and which houses are under its favourable influence. It would be doubly fruitful if particular gems are prescribed according to the condition of the planets position in the houses found in the ‘Horoscope’.Gems must be got anointed before they are worn.That will give better result.According to the science of stars, generally the gems are to be prescribed according to the degree of the planets. But during the old age and dead conditions of the native no gem of a planet remains active and kicking.In short, to wear a gem is to add the energy of the planet related to the gem. If a planet is badly effected, and a gem is worn to strengthen it, it would only add to one’s problems. Enemy planet, if given strength, would do more harm. Gem must be worn in a finger fixed for it and that too on a specific day. Hence it is always suggested and advised that no one should wear a gem/jewel without prior consultation of a gem therapist or a good Astrologer

According to Astrology, good health and sound mental power of a person are necessary for long, healthy and prosperous life. The unfavorable planets in the birth chart of a person makes a man unhealthy and weakens his mental power. So according to the science of planets, the bad effects of malefic planets in the birth chart can also be dispelled or averted with the help of physical and medical science. It includes yoga, Pranayam, use of Ayurvedic medicine and even wearing of certain particular gem to keep oneself bodily fit and mentally strong. Experiences have shown that some gems have wonderful healing power. There are twelve houses in everybody’s birth chart. Each house represent different part of the human body as is shown below:- Planets when afflicted, ailments manifest themselves in those parts of the body indicated by each planets position by sign, decree and the house afflicted of birth chart. Our body is controlled and governed by Cosmic rays of different colours. The stone is prescribed keeping in view the deficiency or excess of a particular ray in the body. Now an Astrologer can also be consulted for prescribing an auspicious gem for an individual at a certain time of his life and for a particular disease. However, it is better to use gems as a second line of defence and use medicine also for getting fast recovery of health.

Gems are of five types 1. Divine gems. Acquired from divine power. 2. Organic gems:- Created from the body of living creatures iii) Metamorphic gems:-Found from under the earth, mines, quarries iv) Sedimentary gems:- Created from the sediments. v) Chemical gems: created by chemical processes in Laboratories. Now-a- days chemical gems are being dealt in mostly in gems and jewelry market because natural gems are rare and very expensive and even cannot be easily distinguished from the artificial or chemical gems. Moreover, the chemical gems are cheap and almost give the similar results which the natural gems give. Names of 173 Gems 1. Ruby. It is like red Lotus petal and shines when kept in dark. 2. Pearls. Pearls from Basra are of best quality. 3. Coral. Should be smooth and spotless. 4. Hessonite also known as Gomedak. 5. Yellow Sapphire also known as pushparaaga. It should be smooth,transport and heavy. 6. Blue Sapphire. Also known as Neelam. 7. Emerald also known as panna or peeloo in Gujarat. 8. Diamond. Heera. In Arab known as Alpaas. 9. Cat’s eye. In Marwari called Billour. 10. Zircon of many colours. Can be used in place of hessonite. 11. Spinal Ruby. 12. Garnet. 13. Loodhya 14. Amber 15. Seenglee 16. Aventurine quartz 17. Morganite 18. Roze quartz 19. Sodomene 20. Turquoise 21. Neeli 22. Smoky quartz 23. Aquamarine 24. Aabaari 25. Lapis Lujuli 26. Kudurath 27. Chitti 28. Libiyar 29. Khaara 30. Apatite 31. Blue Topaz 32. Blue Zircon 33. Benitoite 34. Scapolite 35. Sillimanite 36. Sodalite 37. Marriyam 38. Haalon 39. Seejaree 40. Daatala 41. Mubenjaff 42. Tourmaline 43. Adularia 44. Admantine 45. Berillonite 46. Celestine 47. Casseterite 48. Kunjite 49. Melnite 50. Phemakite 51. Phosphaphylite 52. Peridot 53. Jade 54. Baanshi 55. Blood-stone 56. Savora 57. Fursava 58. Ahwa 59. Kidney stone 60. Hakeek Kalabahar 61. Kaamla 62. Havaas 63. Paara Johar 64. Johar Mohara 65. Diopside 66. Green Zircon 67. Kornerupine 68. Pink Topaz 69. Serpentine 70. Stautolite 71. Sard 72. Uvarovite 73. Anglesite 74. Danburite 75. Helidor 76. Prehnite 77. Sinhalite 78. Sheelite 79. Spehalerite 80. Titamite 81. Yellow Orthoglaze 82. Amethyst 83. Kasauti 84. Snghasaree 85. Markhan 86. Cyphery 87. Ddherhi 88. Seeya 89. Pardhan 90. Hazrateyoodh 91. Soorma 92. Paaras 93. Iolite 94. Jhhana 95. Moosa 96. Albite 97. Cal Site 98. Ghoodhri 99. Somaach 100. Amaliya 101. Ravaat 102. Amazonite 103. Azurite 104. Opal 105. Goldstone 106. Rock Crystal 107. Godanta 108. Load Stone 109. Durvenzaff 110. Onyx 111. Aalomani 112. Jafmani 113. White Jade 114. Laaroo 115. D-aarchanaa 116. Jhhana 117. Sangeeya 118. Havaas 119. Agate 120. Gouri 121. Gypsum 122. Sohan Makkhi 123. Alexandrite 124. Argonite 125. Almandine 126. Obsidian 127. Brazillianite 128. Berrillonite 129. Bronzite 130. Baryet 131. Chrysocolla 132. Citrine 133. Chrysophrase 134. Dematoid 135. Dumorierite 136. Dolmite 137. Romani 138. Lalrhi 139. Opal 140. Sinduria 141. Marwar 142. Carnelian 143. Fire Agate 144. Rhododine 145. Hareedh 146. Door 147. Bronzite 148. Hassionite 149. Epidote 150. Fluorite 151. Green Garnet 152. Green Sapphire 153. Goshenite 154. Green Topaz 155. Hawk’s eye quartz 156. Hematite 157. Ivory 158. Jet 159. Jasper 160. Jadiete 161. Labrodorite 162. Moss Agnate 163. Liddo Coalite 164. Nephrite 165. Pink Sapphire 166. Sard Onyx 167. Spinal 168. Tugtupite 169. Spessartine 170. Water melon 171. Zoisite 172. Yellow Turmoline. 173. Yellow Orthaglase. Astrology is a very interesting subject. There is vast scope of continuing research in it. The astrologers are making constant research to further capture and tap the magical influences of the planets for the good of human life.



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