As vedic astrology is mainly complied by Maharishi prashara similarly there is another school of astrology known as Jamini astrology by maharishi jamini. The method to check horoscope through jaimini astrology is different. Maharishi jaimini was disciple of great rishi ved vyas and son of maharishi prashara. Atam karak plsnet has great importance in jaimini astrology.

It is clear from the name itself Atam karaka means signifactor of atma. There are two atamkarka planets, natural and char. Sun is natural atamkarak of all horoscopes. The planet which has highest degree in any sign In a horoscope is called Atamkarak planet. Except ketu all planets can be considered as Atamkarak planets.

Atamkarak planets play a significant role in all charts .we can call it kings of planets. Basically it gives lead for the goal of the soul for which purpose it has taken re birth. The purpose of soul is to attain moksha. As strong Atamkarak planets signifies strong individual and indicates that native will not deter from the path of dharam. A weak Atamkarak conclude that the native will remain confused in the world. Planets have to give the results which are ascertained by the Atamkarak. The sign occupied by Atamkarak planets in Navamsa Chart D9 is known as karakamsa. The sign of Navamsa ascendant is known as lagnamsa fulfills the the desire of the native similarly karakasma ascendant and 10th house from it speaks about career of the native.

Rahu as atamkarka promises high spiritual development. Ramakrishna Paramahans had Rahu as Atamkarak. 7th house from atamkarak planet gives clues for married life of a person.

Sun as Atamkarak gives leadership qualities. Such person in authoritative and self-confident. But also egoistic.

Moon as Atamkarak makes a person compassionate kind heated and friendly.

Mars as atamkarka gives qualities of high energy, strength, ability to accomplish difficult tasks.

Mercury as Atamkarak makes a native adaptable quick learner, intelligent and witty. Should control his speech.

Jupiter as Atamkarak planets signifies that a person has some unfinished karma from past life. Such a person should always respect elderly and his teachers.

Natives who have venus as the Atamkarak planets enjoy luxury, wealth and all sorts of comforts in life. Such people need to know difference between love and lust.

Saturn as Atamkarak planets in any chart has a tough situation. Such natives get pain and suffering from near and dears. Through it gives ability to work hard gives loneliness in life.

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