Planets Conjunction With Moon-Its Effect

Moon being the mind is the most guiding force in life.  Moon governs the left eye in the case of males.  Whereas it governs the menstrual cycle, uterus, ovaries generation organs and right eye in case of females.  The waxing moon is considered benefic.  Whereas the waning moon is taken as malefic.

Moon has a greater role in unfolding human destiny.  Out of the other planets, it has the unique distinction of being the chief medium for the unfolding of our past Karma.  It rules one’s destiny right from the moment of conception, governing not only one’s physical existence but also facilitating the functions of one’s karmic influence in any particular birth.

Conjunctions of other planets with the moon are capable of creating many special effects in a horoscope.

Following points may be taken into account, to correctly examine the impact of conjunctions of other planets with the moon.

  • The nature of the planets as benefic or malefic and the friendly, inimical or neutral relationship among them are to be given due importance in gauging the outcome in case of conjunctions with the moon.
  • The conjunctions of the Sun, Rahu or Ketu with the moon require a difference in treatment from that of other planets.
  • That while moon gets away afflicted by either Rahu or Ketu (with different resolution each case), its conjunction with Sun be treated as benefic, even if both the planets are very close to each other.
  • The conjunctions are deemed to be effective if the involved planets are posited within the same sign. If planets are close to the midpoint of the house and are within the orbit of influence, then they cause more significant effect.
  • Above all first understand and identify the common areas of influence by examining the signification of planets, signs and houses. The strength and weaknesses of the planets involved in conjunction also merit due consideration.

            In light of the above discussion, the experience has shown that:-

  • When there is a conjunction of moon and sun, the native will be under the influence of his wife. He will be clever in business and indulge in secret acts.
  • When there is a conjunction of Moon and Mars, the native would be courageous, will fight bravely in battles. He will oppose his mother.  He will manufacture articles of clay, leather or metal.  He will suffer blood-related diseases.
  • When there is a conjunction of Moon and Mercury, the native would be wealthy, kindhearted, good conversationalist, joyous and righteous person.
  • When there is a conjunction of Moon and Jupiter, the native would be religious, courteous, a man of pure character and firm friendship.
  • When there is the conjunction of Moon and Venus, the native would be astute businessman, valorous but quarrelsome, will eat and talk a lot and will be fond of buying and wearing excellent clothes.

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