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June 15, 2024

Which Is The Most Important Chart In Vedic Astrology?

A chart, also known as a horoscope or a Kundli, visually represents the position of the planets at the time of a person’s birth. A Vedic astrologer in Mississauga can use your chart to better understand your personality and predict the future.

The Most Important Chart in Vedic Astrology

In Vedic astrology, the most important chart is the birth chart, or “natal chart” (popularly known as “Janma Kundli” in Hindi). An individual’s birth chart is a map of the sky at their exact birth time. A person’s birth chart is divided into 12 houses. Each house represents a different facet of the individual’s life.

1st House (House of Self)

Also known as the ascendant or rising sign, the 1st house represents your personality, appearance, and overall approach to life. An astrologer in Mississauga can study your 1st house to understand how you unconsciously express yourself and how others may perceive you.

2nd House (House of Value)

The 2nd house of your birth chart represents your finances, material possessions, and personal values. If your 2nd house is weak you may suffer from heart, stomach, and skin related problems.

3rd House (House of Communications/Sharing)

Governs how you communicate with others. It also determines your verbal communication style and how you may interact with yourself and your environment.

4th House (House of Home and Family)

The 4th house represents home and family. It determines your relationship with your mother or a maternal figure and your outlook on domestic life.

5th House (House of Pleasure)

The 5th house is linked to creativity, love affairs, hobbies, self-expression, enjoyment, and pleasure. The house determines how you express your creativity and find happiness and satisfaction. It tells about the things that make you happy.

6th House (House of Health)

Represents health and wellness, your daily routine, and your approach to work. It tells a lot about your relationship with your co-workers and maternal relatives. You can look to the 6th House to determine your ideal career and understand ways to be of service to others. It tells a lot about your mental and emotional health and how you respond to adversity.

7th House (House of Partnerships)

Governs your relationship dynamics (with your spouse and business partner), and represents moral, immoral, legal or illegal relationships.

8th House (House of Transformation)

Is popularly known as the house of death, sex, transformation, and reincarnation. The house governs matters relating to inheritance, alimony, taxes, and insurance.

9th House (House of Philosophy or Luck)

It is the strongest trine house. The 9th house represents wisdom, luck, good fortune, and karma. It relates to good fortunes that are a result of good deeds done in the past life. The house determines whether you can avoid troubles without putting in much effort.

10th House (House of Social Status)

Governs your public image, and professional aspirations and achievements. It determines the profession you will take up (whether you will work for someone or start your own business), how successful you’ll be, and career mistakes you’re likely to make.

11th House (House of Friendships)

Governs friendships, hopes, aspirations, desires and dreams. It determines how easily you can make friends and whether your friendships will be fruitful.

12th House (House of the Unconscious)

Relates to your subconscious and governs misery, expenses, divine knowledge, and sympathy. Being the last house, it also relates to Moksha.

Some Other Important Charts in Vedic Astrology

An astrologer may study the following charts (in addition to the birth chart) to know what the future holds.

  • Navamsa Chart (D9)- Is associated with marriage and spiritual growth
  • Moon Chart (Chandra Kundali)- Based on the Moon’s position, this chart governs your emotions and psychological traits
  • Hora Chart (D2)- Relates to your financial prosperity and material resources
  • Saptamsa Chart (D7)- Relates to progeny and children
  • Dasamsa Chart (D10)- Represents career and profession

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