New Combination of Planets Astrological impact on Native’s Life Part-II

Sometimes our office come across a horoscope which contains completely new combinations of planets not even found listed in classical works.

In dealing with such a horoscope one is required to be extra careful in offering a prediction. One has to interpret these judiciously and most cautiously. Some of these new combinations are enumerated herein below indicating their usual impact on native’s life.

When the moon and Jupiter are in mutual opposition, posited in the 1 st and 7 th , it is called ishtarishta yoga. Such a native though succeeds in achieving his goal, but leads a life of ups and down.

Trilochan yoga is formed when the sun and Mars are in trine to the moon. Such a yoga confers victor over foes, prosperity. Such a native is intelligent and live long life.

When the Jupiter and Saturn are in the 2 nd from the moon, Mars in the 3 rd and Venus in the 8 th , it forms Chandra yoga. Native having this yoga is generally self-made man.

Maruta yoga is formed when Jupiter and Venus are in a trine from the moon and the sun is in the Kendra. Such a yoga gives the native great scholarship.

The moon in his own or in friends navamsa aspected by Jupiter and birth during day time makes one wealthy and happy. In the case of those born at night, the result appears if aspected by Venus.

If there is no planet in the 3 rd , the 6 th , the 10 th and the 11 th house from the moon, the such a native would mostly lead a life full of poverty.

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