The native born between 21st August to 20 September is said to have been born in Virgo (kanya) Lagan. It is an earthly sign.
Sign virgo is ruled by Mercury. Mercury provides analytical faculties. Virgo is the mooltrikon sign of Mercury.
Venus acts as sun like planet for those born in Virgo lagan.
The native born in Virgo Lagan, generally has a Slender body. They have dark hair and Eyes. They usually appear younger than their actual age. Their walking style is gentle with delicate movements of a female.
They usually suffer from viral fever, stomach disorder, cholera, dysentry, ulcer etc. at the age of 5, 8, 9,10, 18 and 19 years. They may have some scar or mark in their legs. This sign rules vatta humor (acidity) and makes the native vulnerable to diseases resulting out of acidity.
Virgo sign rules the waist, abdominal, umbilical region, nervous system, small intestine, upper part of large intestine, appendix and Kidneys.
If Mercury and Saturn are strong, the virgos enjoy good health. Otherwise they become hypochondriac and vulnerable to overexertion, appendicitis, nervous breakdown, constipation etc.
Persons born in this Lagan are generally charitable, well natured, knowledgeable, alert, clever, curious, Orthodox, of good character, selfish and cunning. They look after their parents with care and affection. They understand well the ups and downs of their life. They can adjust themselves well in every situation and live up to their full satisfaction. They are reserved type and lack push and drive. When mercury is weak, the virgos lack confidence and perceived to be fussy. They feel insecure in life. They are generally worried and need support for maintaining self-confidence. They are mostly carried away by impulses. They are liable to suffer from nervous breakdown and paralysis when the sign is afflicted. If natal mercury is weak the virgos would have prominent veins.
Depending upon the strength of Venus, the sun and mercury, the virgos would be interested in physical and chemical Sciences. They would have the tendency to become mathematician, engineers, traders, teachers, Accountants, artists, craftsman, draftsman. They would be good at jobs that involve detailed work. They can be great philosphical writers. They are good communicators and can judge things at a glance. They are good advocates experts in astrology. They may at times go in the field of Medical Science. They are always engaged in some work.

Virgos are interested in religious discourses. They are much involved in pilgrimage.

When Lagan Lord, 10th, 8th Lord and Saturn are well placed and strong, the virgos May live more than 80 years of age.
Jesus Christ, Harry truman were born in this lagan.

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