Rahu is a female planet.  It is a cold, dry planet.  It is personified as a diplomat.  It is a shadowy planet.  Rahu is strong in the signs of Gemini, Virgo, Scorpio and Aquarius.   Sage Parashra say that Rahu functions well in the signs of Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio and Sagittarius.  Lion (King of the jungle) is its vehicle.  Like lion it behaves lazily and wait for the better part of the day.  Like lion, Rahu stealthily pounces upon its prey with such a speed that the native involved hardly has any time to react to the situation.  Among the planets Rahu is only second to Ketu in giving quick and sudden good or bad results.

Rahu is friend with Saturn, Mercury and Venus.  It is neutral towards Mars and Jupiter.  However, Rahu is enemy of Sun and Moon.  Rahu is more enemy to Sun as compared to moon.  It is so far the reason that it was God Sun who first noticed Swarbhanu (Demon) stealthily entering in the line of Gods and getting nectar.  It was Sun who first asked Vishnu to behead Swarbhanu.

Rahu is tamsic and vat in Constitution.  It is phlegmatic and cruel in nature.  It is eccentric in temperament and gives malignant growth.  Blood and skin of body are ruled by Rahu.  It rules the paternal grandfather and maternal grandmother.  Diseases caused by afflicting Rahu are Cholera, smallpox, leprosy, epilepsy, blood poisoning, itches, malaria etc.

Rahu strongly influences other planets.  When disposed beneficially, it indicates diplomatic jobs, jobs requiring manipulation with facts, aviators, Computer Programmer, Engineering, Flight Attendant, highly technical fields, involvement with the masses, and dealing in poison and drugs.

It signifies, cheats, pleasure seeker, insincere and unmoral acts, operates in foreign lands.  It not afflicting and beneficially disposed, it can give great worldly benefits, sudden gains, independence etc.  It also signifies unexpected and unorthodox marriages, loss or denial of children.

Rahu is strong in 10th house or when its depositor is scalded or strong.  


  • When in its debility (Scorpio).
  • When in adverse 5, 8, 12th
  • When its depositor, planet is weak or
  • When it is aspected by malefic.
  • The malefic influences of Rahu can be effectively tackled and mitigated with the help of any of the following propitiatory remedial measures:-
  • Serving one’s parents.
  • Give part of your breakfast to the birds.
  • Donate for needy old age persons or lepors twice a year.
  • Give away brown colored sweets to birds.

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