In brief, astrology as we all know gives us an idea about what & how the coming period in life is going to be. This is also known as predictions. These predictions are purely formed on the basis of permutation & combination of the stars, as they are aligned in anyone’s chart( also known as horoscope).


To reach to a conclusion about any aspect of life to what will happen in future, an astrologer, takes into account number of factors in the horoscope, i.e. star signs, constellations, sub constellations Rashi,, the position of 12 houses their lords, conjunctions, aspects at the time of birth as well as at the time of the prediction. Destiny is supreme. No one can change destiny & as an astrologer, I too believe in the same manner.

Having said so a question arises, that if destiny is supreme, whatever has to happen, happens, then why to know & how can anything change or alter it.

In vasstu we believe that Vaastu make things happen. It is true that it cannot change the destiny but it certainly has the power to improve the path of destiny and so we say,

Astrology indicates destiny & Vastu improves it.

TO explain the above statement, I would like to quote an example, so that our readers can have a better idea about what I want to convey.

Let us suppose that In a horoscope a person is having a combination & Dasha of financial achievements & success. At the same time, he is living in a house that has a Vaastu defect in the North/North/ East of his dwelling unit, which is Considered the corner of wealth.

Now in this case, this person will have a job or if he is in business his business will be good, during this Dasha period (As destiny is supreme & Horoscope indicates destiny)

But he will be tense & will be considering himself to be struggling due to the defect in the Vaastu of his house in the NNE sector.

In my practice of the last 15 years. I have come across many such cases in different parts of the world. And the moment this defect of Vaastu was diagnosed & corrected (with simple remedial measures) every person saw a Positive jump in his or her career. ( Vaastu improves destiny)

So we can conclude that ASTROLOGY INDICATES DESTINY, VAASTU IMPROVES IT. And this is how my consultations being a combination of both astrology and Vaastu benefits a person.

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