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Finding the astrologer near you ? Meet Mr Nirwar Singh Gill he is one of the famous & Genuine astrologer in Canada, Nirwar ji is one of the most trusted horoscope reader near you he always focuses on solving the problems with keen. He has very vast knowledge about Hindu Vedic Astrology and thorough understanding of residential and commercial vaastu science. His results and predications are always satisfactory , his advices are very easy to follow. He has also acquired the knowledge of occult science . You Can know more about Nirwair ji by Clicking " Know More about Nirwair Ji.

How New Vedic Astrology was Evolved ?

"Love all and serve all to make all live a lively life is the main objective of the "new vedic astrology centre".

The divine science of new vedic astrology has evolved and developed through ages. This marvelous Science as it stands today has established itself as a wonderful asset for the entire mankind.

Nirwair ji believes that God has blessed the human beings with inquisitive mind. When the primitive man first saw the rising and setting of the Sun, stars, the day and night, the moon the cloudy sky and falling of rain etc. he was wonder struck. An urge developed in his mind as to why and how all this is happening.

The "Vedas" which are the storehouse of all knowledge are said to have come along with the creation of Universe. The Sacred Vedas are the first to contain certain basic principles of astrology and astronomy. There are 36, 44 and 162 shlokas in Rig veda, yajur veda and athur veda respectively. They were the first to convey the mankind about the movement of stars and planets and their impact on life on earth. But the language in which the Vedas were written was not known to the primitive human beings.

According to Hindu Astrology it's is believed that the ancient rishis and Munis read and interpreted the Vedas. They also through yoga and meditation realised that the cosmic forces coming from distant regions in the universe govern life on earth. They also developed some methods to gain mastery and control over these forces.

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