According to Chambers Dictionary Astrology’ means Science of the influence of planets and stars on human and terrestrial affairs. It is neither a superstitious practice nor is based on the natural common sense of an astrologer.

Like all other known sciences such as chemistry, physics, biology etc. the astrology also require research, new theories, developments and modifications at each stage. Vedic Astrology is a study worthy of the best efforts of the best minds.

Law rules the universe, Astrology and Vaastu systems, thus, are mathematical and scientific application of the established laws of the universe. The basic facts of astrology have never been disapproved.

Scientific astrology is perfectly logical and all its deductions/predictions are reached rationally from an estimate of the mental and physical condition of the subject, gathered from the study of his horoscope.

Human mind is the guiding force in life. Reality exists in the human mind and no-where else.  Man is but the product of his thought, what he thinks, he becomes.

The fine shades of one’s character, the manifestation of this genius, his special ability his abnormal or sub-abnormal qualities of mind, or his emotional nature, can be judged only from his individual horoscope, Science of astrology has established that there is a close connection between that which is born and the placement of planets at that time as found in his horoscope.

A horoscope is a map or chart of the heavens showing planetary positions and ascendant for a given moment at a particular place.

A horoscope correctly prepared on the basis of exact date, time, and place of an individual helps the astrologer to accurately predict the events of his life. Such a horoscope contains so much of insight and information and unfolds such elusive secrets that helps the subject to lead a successful, prosperous and peaceful life.

Thus, the true purpose of astrology is to serve as a guide through the physical life.  But soul must be awakened before the real value of horoscope can be fully appreciated we should believe that character is destiny and we in our past lives have woven the web of destiny by our own thinking and deeds and presently we are weaving the web of our future horoscope. All sin is result of ignorance or non-knowledge, therefore to know ourselves is to become wise and thus to master fate. All fate, good or evil is made originally by our oven thoughts and actions having its roots in our character. So, horoscope is the indicator of the divine law in action and astrology helps us to discover much of our destiny.

Here I would like to share with the reader about a controversy regarding astrology. Many a times astrology is confused with fortune telling, black magic, witch craft.

In actual fact astrology is a tool both for self-understanding and self-development. Once you understand  the dynamic forces that work in your life, you can use the knowledge to take destiny in your hands. Astrology does not give us absolute predictions but tells us the indications, potentials tendencies. A man can use this knowledge to enhance his good and constructive qualities and discard the bad ones and can also choose his time of actions and inactions.

The Hindi term of astrology is Jyotish, the word ‘Jyotish’ in turn emanates ‘Jyoti’ which means light. Thus, Vedic astrology or Jyotish only illuminates what is in store for us, nothing more, nothing less. It is for us to use this knowledge to improve our life.

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