When we drive a car & road signs tell us about bumps & dangerous curves ahead, we do not start brooding but become careful and drive cautiously. In short, by understanding the positives through Vedic astrology can keep us elated.

Ancient astrological science is divided into six avgas (pants). V12., Jataka, Gola, Nimitta, Prashna, muhurtha & Ganita:

  1. Jataka: Deals with predictions to be made on the bares of the rising sign at both.
  2. Gola: Deals with planetary system, their nature & peculiarities.
  3. Namita: Deals in obtaining omens in particular time & make predictions based on those omens.
  1. Prashna: This refers to forecasts based upon the time of question.
  2. Muhurtha: This has reference to fixing up of auspicious time for success in different kinds of undertakings.

Astrology helps the man to know in advance, as to for what specific purpose or career, his human body (human engine) has been built by the omnipotent force. (GOD)

It helps the parents to ascertain correctly, the scientific estimate of the character of their child, his type whether good, bad or weak in development, together with a knowledge of all the forces at the back of it. It would help them to select such vocation or career for which is best suited for their child. It would save the child from failures in his life.

The science of astrology has by now started exercising its influence in fields as varied and diverse as economics, business management, politics, marketing, investing, and even athletics.

 It helps you to know your strengths and capabilities and also that of your competitors and make you win without loss or failures. It forewarns you in advance that if your opponents / competitors are of superior strength, evade them and choose a time when they are weak or are unprepared.

From the close and timely study of the regular moments of the planets, the science of astrology, is now capable of predicting the fate of nations, sudden inundations, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and other incidents relating to terrestrial phenomenon. People take benefits by taking precautionary and protective measures before the happening of any such eventuality.

The astrology has helped many by preventing the marriage of people whose temperaments had made it absolutely impossible that they could live together harmoniously. It has largely decreased the number of divorces and watched lives.

Time has now come that no intelligent man would ever avoid or deny consulting a proficient astrologer, well in advance, before taking any step in any walk of his life. This is the mantra of success in modern world.

Remember, ‘the time to prevent the failure is before it occurs.’

If you have more questions or need further guidance, feel free to consult Nirwair ji,Vedic Astrologer and Vaastu Expert.

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