The Primary Principles of Saturn are Justice, Dharma, and Duty. Its dominion is Karam Yoga. Saturn assures you to reap only that what you harvest. It is that supreme power of God that supervises, accumulates all the good and bad deeds of a person, and then does him justice either by punishing him or by honoring him as per his good or bad deeds.
Astrologically, Saturn is said to be the chief significator of fate and destiny. The character of a person is primarily responsible for the formation of his destiny. The character of a person is manifested as a synthesis of all the planetary characteristics qualified by those of signs and houses.

Saturn commingles its influence with all the other planets as habits and daily routines of life. It expects us to lead a life of minimum self-indulgence in material desires. It wants in our purity, honesty, humility, sincerity, discipline and responsibility, spirituality, and detachment. Saturn extends its helping hand to all those who have these qualities in them. The rise in life. Saturn causes no hindrance or obstacle in their success. But their number is very less in the world.
However, the majority of the people in the world have Martian tendencies of impulse, rashness, recklessness, combativeness, vindictiveness, revenge, over-attachment, hatred, turbulent, ill-regulated passions, anger, lust, avarice, greed, cupidity, and hoardings, etc.

All this is not liked by Saturn. It’s effort always is to bring under full control of all these Martian tendencies. To achieve this object, Saturn becomes cold, dry, short-tempered. Sometimes it looks cruel, selfish, and indolent, harsh, and hard-hearted. It causes delays and hindrances in the path of those having Martian tendencies.

Since Saturn represents the nerve tissues, joints, teeth, knees, skin part of the leg between ankle and knee; so when weak it causes constant painful diseases, leg fracture, disease of glands, skin disease, paralysis, arthritis, gout, nerve disorders, insanity, numbness, windy diseases and obstruction in the function of the body, etc. to all those having Martian tendencies mentioned above. In short, Saturn punishes them in different ways. It is for all these reasons that Saturn has to earn the reputation of an evil planet being the least fortunate of all the other planets.

But Saturn is a very good intentioned planet. It wants to reform all those having Martian tendencies and bring them around the path of renunciation. When Saturn succeeds in controlling the bad tendencies, the soul transcends Mars. That is why Mars is supposed to be exalted in Saturnian sign. That means Martian tendencies have been brought under control and the soul is so purified that now it has all the good tendencies of life.

To propitiate the trouble-causing Saturn, one may start offering simple salty food to birds, or donate black pulses or salt or mustard oil on Saturday or donate to organizations that help poor people thrice a year and should always be considerate to servants.
Blue-sapphire gemstone of the dark blue color of the weight between 4.6 to 4.7 carats may be used to strengthen Saturn. The gemstone should be flawless and should not contain feathers and silky inclusions.


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