What is the Significance of MARS’S Position in the Natal Chart?

How does The Planet MARS Influence Human Life?

Mars is the battlefield and Commander-in-chief of the celestial army. Mars is considered to be a malefic planet. It is the fourth planet in order of distance from the Sun and the nearest outer planet to the earth. Its diameter is about 4200 miles. When it is closest to us, it is within 35 million miles from the earth. It so occurs when Mars is at the least distance from the Sun. There are two satellites of Mars; namely, Deimos and Phophos.

Since Mars is a first-grade malefic planet, it gives good results only in 3, 6, 11th houses from Janam Rashi. When Mars passes through these houses from Janam Rashi, the native would gain through agriculture and real estate. He will be courageous. His body will shine with a new glow of cheer and happiness. There will be income from many sources. He will win over all his enemies. Those unmarried would get married. There will be the birth of a child. His name and fame would increase. He will buy landed property. He will also buy a new house. All his efforts would succeed.

However, when Mars would pass through 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 12th houses from the Janam Rashi, the native would suffer from wounds in the body. He will be accused in many ways by others. He will suffer mental torture. The glow and beauty of his face would fade away. He may suffer from an accident. There will be a danger to his life. He may be harassed by the Government.

What is the Negative Influence of Planet MARS?

Poverty will prevail. He may even indulge in all bad and sinful acts. The health of the wife will get spoiled. Even he may be separated from his wife. There may be imprisonment. The native may be burdened with loans. He will be affected by many diseases including urinary troubles and ills pertaining to large intestines. He may face failure in lawsuits. Enemies may attack him and he may suffer many difficulties. Fire, machinery accidents may happen. There will be unwanted and unplanned expenditures. He may even slip and suffer a fracture in his leg or lose a limb. He may also be afflicted with gastric and bilious diseases.

What is the impact of Planet MARS on the Career of the Native?

Mars when strong, denotes passion, ambition, physical strength, courage, bravery, fighting spirit, and vigor. It denotes the position in military, police, paramilitary forces. He may also be an Engineer, Surgeon, and Dentist and also have an administrative post. But when weak, it makes a man lacking in courage.

How to Strengthen the Planet MARS Influence?

To strengthen Mars in a horoscope Red Coral gemstone of the weight between 4.6 to 4.7 Carats may be used.
The malefic influence of Mars may also be effectively mitigated with the help of one of the following propitiatory remedial measures:-

  • Service or help to a younger brother (s);
  • Meditation of God every morning for at least 10 minutes;
  • By being considerate to one’s servant;
  • Always exercise patience in dealing

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