Fights, quarrels, slips and accidents are part of modern life.  An Astrologer of vast experience is competent enough to predict the possibility of some bone fracture of a person whose horoscope is under his study. 

How? It is matter of common knowledge that the position, strength and growth of bones can be judged from the 2, 6, 10thhouses from the ascendant and the moon.


The left part of the body is ruled by the 10th house and Capricorn.  The 4th house with Cancer rules the right part of the body.  The 7thhouse rules the backside of the body. The spinal cord is ruled by Mars. The ribs are ruled by the 4th house.  The bones are ruled by Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn houses.  Saturn is the Karak for of all bones. When 2nd, 6thand 10th houses and their lords are weak or badly placed or are afflicted, the native is most likely to suffer fractures and bone diseases.  The Sun, Mars and Mercury are also responsible for such a situation.

 The 3rd house andMercury stand for the fracture of smaller bones, whereas Mars and Saturn standfor all compound fractures.

 The right hand is ruled by the 3rdhouse.  When Gemini and Saturn areafflicted, fracture occurs on the right hand.

The left hand is ruled by the 11thhouse.  When the 11th house orAquarius or Karak is afflicted, left hand or left side of collar bone isfractured.

Left leg get damaged if Pisces,the 12th house and Saturn are afflicted.

Right leg is fractured if Taurusand Saturn are afflicted.

When 2nd house andRahu are afflicted then fracture of feet may be predicted.

The ribs may be fractured whenthe 4th, 10th, Cancer and Capricorn are afflicted and Sunand Saturn are weak.

The spinal chord may get infusedif 7th house, its lord and mercury are afflicted.

The possibility of accidents isto be determined from 8th and 12th houses.  Mars, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu causeaccidents.  Accidents manifest throughthe 6th and 8th houses of the horoscope.

6th house indicatesweaknesses and wrong habits whereas 8th house indicate wrong actionsperformed.

 The bodily sufferings fromaccidents occur through the 3rd and 6th house.  Sun in Scorpio causes accident.  The affliction to the Sun and Jupiter causesaccident.  The 8th and lord of8th house causes injuries and accidents.

 Some of the followingcombinations also show the possibility of fractures.

  • Saturn in the 2nd, the moon in the 4th and Mars in the 10th.
  • The Mars and the moon in the 6th house.
  • The Sun and Mars in the 3rd aspected by Saturn.
  • The Sun and the moon in the 2nd and Mars in the 4th.
  • Sun,Moon, Saturn and Mars in the 8th or the 5th or the 9th house.
  • Rahu,Mercury and Saturn in the 10th house.
  • The moon in Capricorn or Aquarius hemmed between malifics.
  • The Moon in the ascendant, Saturn in the 4th and Mars in the 10th.
  • The Sun in the 4th, Capricorn and Saturn in the 8th.
  • The Sun and the Moon in the 2nd and Mars in the 4th.

These are some of the combinations wherefrom the likelihood of the fracture of particular bones may be foretold to the native.


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