Mercury is the prince among the heavenly bodies.  It is one of the inner planets whose orbit is nearest to the Sun.  Its distance from the Sun is 3.5 crore miles.   Its diameter is 300 miles.

Mercury is a eunuch planet.  Its nature is friendly.  Its temperament is volatile and versatile.  He is witty, fond of jokes and laughter.  Its complexion is akin to that of grass.  It rules green colours, the earth element, mixed or varied flavours.

Mercury is benefic when associated with benefic planets.  It is malefic when associated with malefic planets.

“Mercury gives good results in 4, 6, 8, 10 and 11th houses from Janam Rashi.”

When strong, it denotes a good communicator with intelligence, rationality, wit, cleverness, skill, verbal and mental ability, shrewdness, sound judgment, humor and flexibility.  He rules over commerce, churches, schools, playgrounds, parks.  Other things ruled by him are mechanics, water, poetry, education, palatial buildings, horses, doctors and tradesmen.

Mercury represents Mouth & brain, tongue, hands, arms, intestine, lungs, nervous system, urinary bladder.

When weak, it causes dumbness, insanity, nervous breakdown, skin diseases, fits, small-pox, plenty of bile, phlegon and wind in composition, asthma, impotency.  As mercury is weak quiet frequently, whenever its sub-period is in operation, it creates tension in life, lack of confidence indecisiveness etc.  The effect is more if mercury is weak in the natal chart as well as in transit at time of operation of its sub-periods.

Generally, Mercury, when strong is personified as a thinker and knowledgeable in the field of commerce.  It signifies advisory roles in financial, commerce and business matters.  Mercarian may be good astrologers, lawyers, software engineers, auditors, professors, editors, authors etc.

To strengthen Mercury in a horoscope, one may use Emrald gemstone of the weight of 4.6-4.7 carats.  This gemstone is of dark green color and bright.  Emrald may contain some silky inclusions but it should not contain feathers and black spots.

The malefic influences of Mercury may also be effectively tackled and mitigated with the help of one of the following propitiatory remedial measures:-

  1. By helping poor students and needy children.
  2. Donating to orphanages, twice a year.
  3. Donating green pulses.
  4. Donating green fodder (at least 2 Kg.) to a cow.

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