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April 15, 2024

What are some common misconceptions about Vastu Shastra?

Myths are known to be the traditional facts that people do not understand. And vastu shastra is no exception.
Vastu Shastra – the science of architecture, the Sanskrit word for “the place we stay in” combines all the basic five elements of nature, and balances them within the parameters of humans and material. Rooted in science, the age-old tradition has been guiding humans about creating harmonious spaces for centuries. It is a science, ancient and prominent as Ayurveda. In accordance, it is used to create positive in-house arrangements for homes and offices, so that your work and your life as a whole can progress and you can feel growth in it. On the other hand, however, amidst its popularity, there are various myths and misconceptions that have emerged out and have clouded its true essence. In this comprehensive guide, let us embark on a journey to debunk myths and misconceptions in order to gain a deeper understanding of the ancient practice and how an expert Vastu consultant in Aurora can help you in sorting your life.

vvastu consultant in Aurora

Vastu Shastra Myths

Myth 1 – Superstition

There is an interesting saying – Just because you don’t understand something doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. Ask yourself a question – Do you understand astrophysics, medical science or numerology completely? But they still work just fine. Vastu Shastra is the same distinctive science as others. It was developed by Indian sages, a thousand years ago. It takes into account the factors influencing a construction site and has its roots into philosophy, math’s, geology, geography and religion. The science was used to construct temples which have been the storehouses of powerful energies and not merely because the idols of Gods exist there. With precise mathematical and geographical calculations, a vastu shastra consulting, utilizing the principles and nature of science, can truly base your houses and offices with harmony.

Myth 2 – Only Applies To Hindus

Another major myth is that Vastu shastra is the ancient practice applicable to only Indians, acknowledging Hindu faith. This statement stands false. Vastu Shastra, as the combination of the principles of science and nature, applies to one and all. Infact, many individuals from across the world have successfully used vastu shastra to improve the energy flow within their properties. Whether it is synchronizing your wall colors, or deciding on the placement of your home temple, like ayurveda, it is a universal tool and can be utilized by anyone. 

Myth 3 – Demands Drastic Renovations

This is one of the most wired myths, especially, conferring to vastu shastra. Individuals for years have been stuck on a misconception that in order to embrace vastu shastra, one needs to acquire vast structural changes. However, most often, minor adjustments are merely the need of the hour. By strategically placing earthly elements, like furniture, plants, mirrors, individuals can interiorize a space that enhances the positive energy flow. Vastu Shastra is all about making conscious choices that align with the principles of nature. It doesn’t mean to necessitate the constructional changes.

Myth 4 – Brings Instant Results

Vastu Principles are utilized to bring in prosperity and harmony but that doesn’t make it a sole purpose. It is a science and not a magic wand that can transform your lives immediately after the application. Its principles work on a gradual base and slowly and steadily impact one’s well being and lifestyle. Vastu aligns the physical structures with cosmic energies and works towards bringing in the positive vibrations into the spaces. Patience and consistent alignment with vastu principles can make you embrace the ever lasting results.

Transform Your Space, Transform Your Life

In a world filled with lots and lots of misconceptions, it is of utmost importance to learn how to separate facts from fiction. As per the above mentioned data, there are lots of things in the universe that are not logically understandable by humans, but that doesn’t always mean to believe in everything that knocks at your door. Vastu shastra is the study of science and nature, just like any other ancient practice. What you need to understand is the “right way” to embrace it. 

With consulting vastu expert in Aurora, Mr. Nirwair ji, informed decision making can be initiated and you can bring into your home and office, positivity and prosperity in abundance. Contact World Astro today and begin with the process of altering your dynamic surroundings.