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April 30, 2024

Consulting a Vastu Expert: What to Expect and How to Prepare

Are you struggling through various distinctive problems conferring to your office or home? Well, then, World Astro is the right place to be. 

Vastu Shatra has been around with us for years now. It is a Vedic system of designing and architecture, consisting of the rules of designing and constructing buildings in a structured manner. It incorporates traditional Hindu beliefs intended to integrate architecture with nature, utilizing the geometrical patterns, symmetry and directional alignments. 

A deep study of the vastu texts reveal how every element in the universe directly or indirectly impacts the lives of human beings. To attain harmony and prosperity in lives, the study demonstrates how in every activity of human beings, such as construction of a house, placement of furniture, or temple building plays an important role. Therefore, to bring in the peace and stability in one’s life, an individual can always opt for the vastu consultation services in Markham. With the knowledge of vastu shastra. vastu experts in Markham, combines the principles of nature along with the mathematical and geographical calculations of their life and the surroundings, in order to understand the energy flow and find balance within the client’s lives, 

Nirwair Ji – Renowned Vastu Consultant In Markham

Vastu Consultant, Nirwar Ji, is one of the most qualified, renowned and experienced vastu consultants based out of Canada. A known vastu shastra has four basic components for an effective consultation to take place :
1. Selection of site/architecture/civil engineering/planning.
2. Astrology.
3. Educational Qualification in Vastu.
4. Earned Qualification of being the best vastu expert.
Nirwair ji, with the total experience of more than 15 years, is now the maestro in reading individual horoscopes, Hindu vedic astrology, all forms of occult sciences, including deep understanding of commercial and residential vastu. 

With a track record of providing consultation to over thousands of clients, he embodies the pinnacle of vastu expertise.

Vastu Expert in Markham

Services Offered By Nirwair Ji

Residential/Commercial Vastu Analysis-

As science of vastu is universal and can be applied to all types of buildings, Nirwair ji is accredited to perform a vastu analysis on all types of buildings. These mostly include houses, factories, warehouses, and offices. The only difference the vastu analysis holds for residential and commercial properties is that residential properties incur vastu analysis with regards to directing happiness, prosperity and harmony in the house, elevating the lives of individuals inhabiting there, while, on the other hand, vastu for  commercial properties focuses on increasing the inventory sales to smooth running of equipment and machinery.

Recommendation & Remedies –

According to vastu shastra, it doesn’t matter if the house/office has already been built or is under construction. In both the cases, the recommendations and remedies, with regards to change in the placement of furniture, plants, other earthly elements, and structural modifications respectively can be attained effectively. Whether it’s the alignment of colors in the room to placement of temples in the house, at WorldAstro, Nirwair ji, with his expansive qualifications, succeeding the study and understanding of your problems, can guide you through the best outcomes, The process that follows for consultation at World Astro includes – 

  1. Booking of an appointment 
  2. Set up a call
  3. Vastu Consultation Report

How To Prepare

Vastu consultations are mostly available over call, whatsapp or skype. An individual willing to take up a vastu consultation should precisely prepare all the questions needed to be asked. 

To mention, some of the questions include – 

Q1. If according to vastu, the direction of the house entrance is correct?

Q2. If I want a vastu-appropriate home, do I need to change the colors of each room, or choose one color for all?

Q3. What are the major vastu defects and if the house has one, how to improve it?

Q4. What’s the best place to keep the mirror?

Q5. What are the positive and negative points for vastu?

Q6. How to perform a center activation with regards to your house or office?

Q7. Drinking alcohol in the house : good or bad?

Q8. Is it good or bad to buy an abandoned home?

And so on.

Your premier consultation services in Markham

For those seeking reliable guidance on the vastu consultation of the home/office, World Astro stands out to be the reliable source. As one of the best vastu consultants in Markham, Nirwar ji offers experienced vastu guidance dedicated to the respective spaces. His holistic approach and proven track record makes him the go to choice for individuals looking to incorporate vastu into their lives. His commitment to being top vastu consultant in Markham is evident in his dedication to his clients and his efforts to adapt and embrace vastu expertise for modern needs.

In the end, Vastu shastra surely does provide a time-tested approach to create a harmonious living space. Whether you are embarking on a new home or want changes in the existing one, consulting a vastu expert in Markham from a trusted source and vast experience like World Astro and Nirwar ji, can pave the way for a prosperous and booming life.


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