Concept of Vyakta –Avyakta In Astrology

Rahim in one of his sloks provides an interesting combination of Raj yoga.

The English translation of this saloka reads as under:

“If Saturn is in the 3rd house, mercury in the ascendant and Jupiter in Kendra (1st, 4th, 7th, 10th Bhava) then such a native will be lucky and will be owner of big assets.
In this combination Rahim has mentioned the role of three planets, namely Saturn, Jupiter and Mercury.
Here two are outer planets and one is an inner planet.
The two other planets are the planets of Avyakta and hence they are the guiding forces in a natives life, while the inner planets are planets of Vyakta and constitute the internal energies of the native.

The concept of Vyakta and Avyakta is important in astrology and is often used in multiple ways.

The 2nd, 3rd, 4th, the 5th, the 6th, the 9th, 10th, the 11th, and the 12th houses are the Bhavas of Avyakta and the remaining 1st and 8th houses are Bhavas of Abhivykta i.e. they express both Vyakta and Avyakta.
The houses covered by Abhivyakta are owned by Mars and since it is an outer planet, it should have fallen completely in Avyakta. The houses owned by Mars are closer to the Avyakta group but have some connection with Vyakta group too. Therefore, it is referred to Abhivyakta.
To understand this link, one may refer to Nakshatras which are organized in two groups namely Deva Nakshatras and Yama Nakshatras.
Deva Nakshatras are associated with Vyakta and Yama Nakshatra are associated with Avyakta.

The inner planets connect the native with the world. The inner planets collectively constitute the internal forces through which the native acts, reacts and interacts with the external world.
The senses are governed by Venus which enables the native to interact with the world through senses i.e. eyes, ears, speech, smelling and touching. Mercury helps in analyzing all information and makes decisions for making appropriate action. Sun and Moon governs the mind and soul i.e. Antah-Karan of a human being.
Rahim also mentions Jupiter in the Kendra. Kendra is the Central force where everything stands to unite at a spiritual level. Kendra also represent mind and soul. Kendra is a high energy and high potential zone. Any planet present in the Kendra will have major effect on the natives life. If Kendra is graced by Jupiter, it brings favourable situation in one’s life. Jupiter is the Karak of fate and wealth.
If mercury is in lagan, the native, possesses immense means of comforts. He will be polite, knowledgeable and courageous.
The Saturn in the 3rd house ensures that even after possessing wealth and properties, the native will not turn to be arrogant and will not indulge in wrong doings.

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