Moon’s Impact On Life on Earth

Planet moon is nearest to earth than any other planet. As is well
known that moon has its main effect on water. The human body contains
70% water. Life in human body depends primarily on blood. The blood in
human body contains 91% of water. Thus, water is the main element in the
human body.

Water with its solvents needed for the heath of the cells is termed
body fluids and this fluid is partly inside and partly outside the cells.
Industrial fluid represents 30% of the water in the body. It is the medium in
which the cells live obtaining from it salts, food and oxygen and passing
into it their waste products. Blood is made of water, proteins and salts.
Because of all this, it is said that the moon having its effect on water,
have great impact on humans, animals and plants on earth.
Special effect of moon is on Rheubic Nuclear Acid i.e. R.N.A. It is this
element which makes memory. It affects emotions and mind. Therefore,
when the Sun and Moon came opposite each other i.e. during full moon
(purnima) days, the earth gets life and energy beams from the moon.

During this period, it is generally found that tides occur in the seas. If
the moon does not occupy good position in a horoscope, one becomes
more sad, nervous and imbalanced than others who are governed by a
positive moon. Therefore, for mental peace and balance, it is necessary
that moon must be with good planets.

Beside, what is stated above, when Sun and Moon come opposite
each other;


i) It becomes more difficult to control lunatics during this period
than on other days.

ii) Lovers get engrossed in themselves and find it difficult to
control their emotions during this period.
iii) Alcoholics drinks more than on other days
iv) People make suicidal attempts more than on ordinary days and
crimes increase.
v) Bleeding occurs more than on other days in surgical work.
vi) Poets, writers, novelists, philosophers etc. become more
emotional, sensitive and sentimental during these days and
they usually can express their views and ideas better.
vii) People, who starts new work or business during purnima days,
psychologically have more hope and expectations and courage

and they work harder than ordinary days and mostly get
success in their newly started business.

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