Time Brings Change Good or Bad Astrological Study

Very often it is said that when time, in terms of the Dasa or transit changes, things change for good or bad. Time makes one either strong or weak.
When we look at human life we find that our present time actions and choices are primarily responsible for coining our future.
Astrology is all about being aware well in advance. It provides one opportunity to make a right choice to avoid the possibility of future mis- happening. This is the reason why people approach an astrologer for suggesting a proper time or Mahurta for making a proper choice.
Right choice combined for Muhurat helps to strong possibilities for successful completion of a task.
It should always be kept in mind that Mahurat cannot influence our destiny; but it is certainly an effort to make things better for thepresent and thus a successful future.
For any major event, where the stakes are high, one must approach an astrologer to find a proper time (Mahurat). Mahurata can be had for any important occasion or major event in life such as selling or purchasing property, house construction, house warming, education, marriage, travel and legal matters, interview, taking of medicine, surgery, speculation, launch of new business venture or office premise for oath taking ceremonies of high offices etc.

For good Mahurata, following factors are necessary and worth noting.

A retrogrades planets motion is backward so it can show competition and delay in completion of the task. One can apply the same principle to the Dasa lord and Ascendant lord too.
A Mahurat can be prepared in the same way as the birth chart on the above factors.
Checking the running and also the upcoming Dasa in the Muhurat Chart is important too, where one can see how the matter is going to evolve.
Finding of auspicious time, provides one an opportunity to make a timely better choice. Hence by choosing proper Muhurta one is making a proper choice. Better time chosen brings success in life.

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