Combination of Planets Showing Imprisonment

Many people facing trials in Courts specially relating to serious offences, approaches the astrologer of their choice, to know the ultimate result of their criminal case.
Their primary question in almost every case is “Would they be convicted and face imprisonment in jain?”
The classical texts on the subject of astrology have shown some planetary combinations that indicate the possible jail punishment for the native facing criminal trial in some heinous crime such as murder, dacoity etc.

Some of these combinations are hereby mentioned below for the
knowledge of the reader:

Apart from many other combinations, another slightly different one requires the 1 st or 6 th lord to be conjoined with Saturn in a Kendra or Trikona to bring about incarcenation.
While these combination are simple enough, what is not so easy is their applications to actual charts.
Our experience have shown that rarely does one come across a case where the combinations can be applied as they are.
This office came across a case of a man who was convicted of murder and sentenced to jail for several years. He was born on 23 rd of January, 1971 with a balance of 14 years 6 months 10 days of Mercury Dasa at both.
His chart showed that Sagittarius is the rising sign. Natural malefic sun is in the 2 nd , Mars is in the 12 th , Saturn is in the 5 th and Ketu in the 9 th .
Further, there was relegation of the Ascendant lord Jupiter to the 12 th house and his conjunction not without right natural malefics but more prominently with 6 th lord Venus, 8 th lord moon and 12 th lord Mars.
Those combinations more or less point to imprisonment in the native’s life at some point of time.
In this case the arrest and judicial custody began with Venus Dasa, Venus Bhukti. Venus as 6 th lord shows prison life wheel for the rising sign Sagittarius in particular, his power to cause evil is rendered more potent as 6 th cum 11 th lord.

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